View Full Version : Mahogany Porch Finish

Walt Pater
05-21-2005, 6:02 AM
Outdoor work is fun, once in a while.
Now that I've replaced all the rotten framework of a client's porch, I'll be replacing the So.Yellow Pine decking w/ 1x4 mahogany t&g- cheaper than fir around these parts. I bought a gallon of Penofin natural rosewood oil exterior formula something-or-other, primarily to backprime the boards before installation. So once these puppies are down, will the Penofin suffice as a topcoat, or is there another finish I can apply on top of/instead of the Penofin? (I am fully aware of the "ticking clock" of porch decking).
Interestingly enough, the only wood that wasn't rotted on this project was a skirt board that looks to have been coated with creosote/some other oily finish. Other things to consider: porch has a narrow soffit (8") or so, and will soon have gutters (didn't before); foundation seems to be ventilated adequately; faces west, some full sun later in the day.

Jim Becker
05-21-2005, 9:36 PM
I'd avoid any kind of film finish for this, Walt. The Penofin is an excellent product, as is Sikkens. Pick one...but only one ;)