View Full Version : CLTT results on subli metal ( no pics tho)

Rodne Gold
06-14-2013, 3:55 AM
A container of goods arrived this Monday and in I had imported 350 sheets of 0.4mm Subli metal. %0 each of 7 "colours" pearlised god , silver , white and 2 types of brushed gold and 2 types brushed silver.

At any rate over the last few months , when there is a bit of spare time , we been fiddling with our CLTT process , making some samples etc..had good results with the trials.

HOWEVER when we tried on the subli metal I brought in from China... the results were downright STUNNING...colours came out brighter , black was crisper and transfer was much better and a lot quicker.

Scratch resistance was exceptional , the only way I could remove anything was to take a scotch pad to it... I was very impressed. So now we going full steam ahead to produce a great range of items using the subli metal (obviously coated)

The sheets I brought in are 600x400mm (24" x 16") Enough for 4 A4 or 8 A5 plaques.
I thought the price was very reasonable .. $2.50 per sheet landed cost .. or $0.85c per sq ft...

Quality is VERY good as well.. all my suppliers Ex china seemed to have upped their game big time , we ordered a couple 100 A4 and A5 MDF faux wood plaques ( around $2 for the A4 and about $1.30 for the A5 and were totally stunned at the beautiful finish ...no vinyl wrapping , just a durable paint type finish that looks like expensive real wood..wish I had ordered more , we thought we might be getting just something ok'ish at that price which we could use for folk with extremely stretched budgets...

Same with the marble bases I ordered , superb finish , no chips or signs of carelessness with polishing and edges. Nice consistent black colour . I have no idea how this is done for the price , a 2.5" x 2.5" x 1.2" (60 x 60 x 30mm) with a hole , countersunk from the bottom is $0.25c landed !!!!

Mike Null
06-14-2013, 7:27 AM

I recently purchased brushed silver and brushed gold Chinese sub metal from JDS for about $2.50 per 12"x24" (600mm x 300mm) sheet. I sent it all back as the grain and color didn't match what I perceive to be the industry standard. The price is about $2.00 per sheet lower than US made but I couldn't deal with the color and grain differences. I did use one sheet of gold and it worked as well as uni-sub or dyna-sub.

I generally post bake CLT to harden the finish.

Rodne Gold
06-14-2013, 12:02 PM
Mike , I have no idea of what the industry std is with respect to brushed silver and gold subli stuff is , mine looks the same as most engraving lams or the brushed anacoil we get.
On bare metal , i can easily scratch the CLT off , on this subli stuff , its impossible , I didn't post bake or anything.
I'm surprised the CLT works much better on coated metal..our local magic touch supplier recommended this to me..I didn't believe him :)

Mike Null
06-14-2013, 12:07 PM
I always use coated metal but not necessarily sub metal. The gold color on the Chinese metal was more yellow and could not be mistaken for the stuff i normally use. The brush grain was also different.