View Full Version : Glass etching

Martin Boekers
06-06-2013, 4:22 PM
Ok, a while back I sang some praises onthe JDS glass masking tape. It was better than what I was doing at the time.

In my infinite researching :) I discovered on You Tube (there is much to be learned there!) a video of someone using just plain ol'
white masking to do glass, so I have been playing around with it. At first it didn't do much for me but as i honed in the settings
it came out quite well! It held incredible detail! Also final clean up was a cinch as you just run it under water and the masking and adhesive
comes right off. This was tested on window pane glass, so different glass may vary.

I have a 75 watt laser and I ran 2 passes at 75 sp 100 pwr 600 dpi. One pass didn't seem to vaporized the adhesive and was left sticky and inconsitant
etch. The second pass took care of that and left a nice "almost sand etch" finish on the glass.

For those who deal with glass and had cositancy issues give this a shot.

I would post a photo, but what I am working with is a project for a Commander on Base and it won't be released until July so I can't release images on it.

I know if we don't see it, it never happened. :)

Try it, you may like it!