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Jiten Patel
05-25-2013, 6:18 AM
Hi All,

As I now have my flatbed machine, I can start playing with it. Does any UK member have a good supplier of Transfer Tape and know which I should be buying? Also who are the best laserable product/material suppliers (Acrylic, wood, and other trinkets?).



Michael Hunter
05-25-2013, 8:09 AM
I got my latest transfer tape from MDP supplies (mdpsupplies dot com).
They have the whole range of different widths and tacks. Good service and cheaper than from Trotec.

For wood and wooden plaques etc., try Moran's - moranswoodcomponents dot co dot uk.

Acrylic is small quantities - Trent Plastics (but be careful - they don't understand the difference between cast and extruded).
Also from Trotec. More expensive, but you know you are getting the correct stuff.
For whole sheets (3m x 2m!) Amari Plastics.

Trotec, HPC Laser, Litografa
(litografa.Lt in Lithuania. Viktor was a regular contributor here a few years ago. Has some good stuff and is happy to send to the UK at reasonable transport costs).

Jiten Patel
06-19-2013, 10:38 AM
Hi Michael,

So sorry, I didnt even see this reply. Thanks for the info.

I found some website great for acrylic, but limited on choice.... kitronik dot co dot uk

With regards to MDP, I contacted them and they said none of their transfer tapes were suitable. Which do you use? Guessing I would need a low tack....?

matthew knott
06-19-2013, 12:55 PM
908 ltd are pretty good for material, Mastergrave in beford sell trinkets and the like!
Enjoy the new laser, looking forward to seeing your results Jit

Michael Hunter
06-19-2013, 4:58 PM

The tapes I have from MDP are -

GXP550 - medium tack (Cheaper than R Tape in narrower rolls)
R tape Aplitape 4050 - also medium tack (cheaper than GXP550 in wide rolls)

Both these are good and I will be buying them again when I run out.

I find medium tack works fine on just about everything.
Low tack tends to come off wood rather easily so I don't use it.

Matthew -

I had a look at 908's website and thought they were rather expensive compared to the suppliers that I use.
Also, a lot of the things pictured (at the time I looked) were "no stock".

I have found both Trotec and CSI good for 2-ply laserable platics.
The new range of Trotec's own brand is inexpensive and engraves/cuts very cleanly.
IPI from CSI costs even less. I like the anti-scratch lacquer on the surface, but don't like the fact that it turns white sheets slightly cream coloured.