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bryan henderson
05-09-2013, 5:29 PM
Good afternoon

I have a Speedy 300 30W laser engraver running version 9.4.4 and I have been experimenting trying to cut 1/8" wood sheet thinking birch from a local supplier. If anyone could throw some starting point settings for me on both engraving and cutting that would be great. I am assuming the focus point with a 2" lense or any lense would be on the top surface. If you could show speed, power, frequency, air assist on or off, # of passes and correction. I am pulling my hiar out with this. As far as actually cutting the wood, it will not allow me to drop below 1000 hz for some reason, not sure if this is flaw in the "jc.ini" file or not.

Bryan Henderson

Mike Null
05-09-2013, 5:41 PM

First, your machine is very fast and your power is relatively low. That means for rastering (engraving) you need to lower your speed. Experiment with 35% speed and work up or down from there. for rastering most things 500 dpi will be just fine.

For cutting use air assist on everything. 1000 hz is the base setting and not a flaw. I would try a higher setting such as 5000 when vectoring (cutting) and a very slow speed such as 1.0 or 1.5. You may have to make more than one pass to get through 1/8" BB. You can try focusing into the wood a bit to see if you get better results.

All machines vary so you'll have to make notes while you're determining the best settings for your machine.

Chad Fitzgerald
05-09-2013, 6:26 PM
Bryan, what Mike said, BUT make sure you using the "right" plywood. Lumber core doesnt cut for @#$%. MDF core will cut fine. Mike mentioned the 1/8" BB, that is Baltic birch which i personally like cutting the best. Cut nice with a nice brown edge, none to minimal clean up on the edges. 1/8" BB, i cut at 1.4s, 100P, 300ppi(i dont know how ppi transfers to your Hz) on my 40 watt.
So before you spend alot of time on your settings, make sure you have a plywood that WILL cut decent first or you will pull ALL your hair out.

bryan henderson
05-10-2013, 9:16 AM
Which one of these sheets would be the proper material? Can anyone tell me from the specs. I am located in Ontario Canada, so this is from a local custom speciality wood supplier.






Baltic Birch


Chad Fitzgerald
05-10-2013, 9:37 AM
baltic birch bb/bb is what i get and i like it for cutting. It is hhard to get good dark contrast engraving but can be done. I asctually will paint it, then engrave. people seem to like it.
1/8" you should be able to cut no problem. and it would surprise me if you couldnt cut 1/4" as well. just may be slow.

bryan henderson
05-10-2013, 10:18 AM

How is it determined whether you have Baltic Birch BB/BB or whether it is "lumber core" as you have suggested? I am looking at the cross section of material I have and the centre layer looks alot darker than the outside layers.


Chad Fitzgerald
05-10-2013, 11:32 AM
hey bryan, i got your message but you number didnt show up. i am around if you want to give me another call, leave your number, ext. if i miss it and i will call you back

Mike Null
05-10-2013, 11:49 AM
It should be labeled BB by the dealer. BB will have one side clear with no fills and maybe even both sides clear. The thicker BB will have more layers than comparable lumber yard stuff.

Michael Kowalczyk
05-10-2013, 2:24 PM
This is what the BB that we use and sell looks like. Ours is a 3B with one side clear of voids, knots and footballs but may have veining from mineral streaks. Unless you buy a full sheet, chances are you will not get a stamp in the corner designating it's species. Also some Chinese plywood has been used in place of Genuine Baltic Birch. Most Chinese birch plywood manufacturers use imported Russian logs but the core is usually poplar and their glue may or may not be interior glue. NEVER use exterior glued plywood unless you want charred results.
Check us out in "Friends of the Creek" if you have any questions.