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derek noyes
05-08-2013, 7:08 PM
FINAL UPDATE: Alright!!! I fixed it and glad i did. have to stop being intimidated by this thing. its a machine and i have tools. was sweating bullets for a bit but i am kinda glad i went through this cuz i have a little more confidence.
UPDATE: i see now what happened, the table popped the rail off the track (dont know if this is the proper terminology) but i loosened the 3 screws so i had some play and was able to get the rail back on the track. other good news is i see the red dot however its not hitting the mirror it hitting the housing so something is misaligned.

anyone know how to align the left mirror on the rail?

I hope the day comes soon when i can look back on all this and laugh. I really need a laugh right now.

I took the advice from the other template post and was making cardboard templates. the first two i made without the cutting table (just aluminum table). did two passes and was able to peel out the circles and leave in the bottom layer of paper. everything went fine.

my mercury also came with a cutting table (pins sticking up) so i decided that i would try it out for the third template. i loaded the cardboard and apparently the upper left corner of the cardboard wasnt strong enough for the auto focus pin to press in so the table just kept coming up cuz i had the cutting table in with the pins.

i did manage to hit stop as quick as possible but the head assembly was being pushed up hard for a few moments. i lowered the table and manually set the distance and loaded the job. it starte4d fine till about 10 seconds and then no laser was coming out but the head kept moving on task to the job that was loaded. also noticed that the red indicator light on the panel marked "laser" (not red dot) was blinking like it does when it was working.

now the red dot doesnt come on at all and laser does not fire when i load a job. i turned it off for 10 minutes while i went through the mirrors to clean. they really werent dirty. this is only the second day i have used it to burn anything. i noticed after turning it on, when the machine cycles xyz axis, the y pass bangs at the end (coming down too far maybe).

some history: just purchased it from a guy who purchased new in dec 2005. his wife had a very part time business doing dog tags. maybe 1 hour a week using it.

it was working great till the table came up and shoved the head up and i think it is related to that incident. btw, i wasnt in a job when it happened, it was right before i was going to send the job.

if anyone can offer some advice, i am all ears cuz i am so close to opening my business and i lost about 40 hours (really) before you guys hit on fixing the installation problems i had.

i leave it in your hands cuz i dont know what to do.


AL Ursich
05-08-2013, 9:17 PM
Good Job.... "Have Tools... I can fix it..." Love it...

Many disable the focus pin and make a manual device.... If you read back you will find a few posts of focus pin problems. Some to be sure your turn it off in the software too after you disable it...

Good Luck,


George M. Perzel
05-09-2013, 1:04 AM
Send me a PM with your email address and I will send you a Mercury step by step checklist to determine what is wrong. Do you have the Mercury maintenance manual and service guide? What kind of tube do you have? (Synrad, Coherent,etc.) Where are you located?
Best Regards,

Martin Boekers
05-09-2013, 9:36 AM
Are you sure the laser isn't firing? If you moved the head out of position it won't make it through the lens.
Can you manually fire the laser? If so go to the first mirror and place some masking over it and fire it quickly
and see if it shows a burn. Then you know it really is firing.

Some here have removed the auto focus, be very, very carefull because if for some reason you don't turn
it off in the driver, you are in for a lot of issues......