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Chad Fitzgerald
04-24-2013, 1:45 PM
been reading all the posts regarding this, this is my first time replacing a lens, a little confused.
gcc laserpro spirit 40W
standard 2" focal lenz
have a call into laser research, waiting for call back. 165.00 not mounted
looking on ebay, everything out there seems to be in metric terms and im not good at converting. they look alot cheaper.
can someone tell me if i should just go with laser research or is ebay good to use. if so what sizes am i looing for out there.
thanks alot

Gary Hair
04-24-2013, 2:00 PM
Measure the diameter of your lens then draw a circle that size in Corel. Change the measurement units to millimeters and you don't have to convert anything - I believe yours are .75" which is 19.05 mm. If you aren't sure if it will fit then cut one out of rowmark at the size they are selling and see if it fits in your lens holder. There have been lots of people that use the cheap(er) ebay lenses and I have heard of very few problems. Mostly it has to do with focus - their 2" lens may actually be more or less than that and you'll have to adjust your focus to suit.

Mark Sipes
04-24-2013, 3:04 PM

Uros Sovilj
04-25-2013, 1:33 AM
you can just type in google 2 inches in mm and google will convert for you. Same for all other possible convertion.

Chad Fitzgerald
04-25-2013, 6:52 AM
thanks for the advice and chart. i forgot to mention, im still using the lens, still in the holder. I just want to have one on hand for backup. im afraid to take it out of the holder and measure it with the caliper in fear of scratching it. looks easy enough to remove, just a couple of set screws, but again dont want to handle it. it does look like 3/4" but when talking with laser research(they were very helpful by the way) he mentioned it is likely 3/4 BUT could be .746 in. , if i gfet the wrong one may not fit or may be sloppy fit. also thickness they said was important as well. both ways i need to measure with caliper to get exact dimensions.
So i guess my question really is, how do i find this out without removing it from the holder??? kinda hoping someone had the same machine and already knows.
Suppose i could contact, GCC or my rep, but assuming they may not like the idea of me wanting to go elsewhere for the lens. maybe that shouldnt worry me but.
thanks again.