View Full Version : How match existing stain color?

Jerry Olexa
05-13-2005, 2:38 PM
Age old question but I'm sure you guys can help. I have a +15 yr old home w doors and trim (prob pine/fir) topped with what I believe is a one coat wipe on finish. (I suspect its Duraseal). It does not have a topcoat of varnish or lacquer, etc. which gives it a nice, natural look. I have a few areas that either have dog scratches or sun damage,etc and I want to sand/refinish those few areas and "blend in". My goal is to have the new wipe on stain (that I'd mix/make) basically nearly matching the old.. I'm aware of 2 methods: 1) Mix up various stains in small quantity until u achieve desired look on scraps or 2) Get artists color and mix/blend in BLO until u get the right color.

What are your ideas on the best approach? What has worked for you? Thanks

Sorry I moved this to Finishing forum,,Thanks,Jerry

Hal Flynt
05-16-2005, 11:54 AM
Hi Jerry,

This may or may not help. First, pin/fir will darken with age as you know and finally reach a point where it stops darkening. If you give it enough time, it will get there on its own. Consequently if you stain it to match now, it will darken to a point where it gets darker (although a stain may slow the process down.)

For scratches, I would try to get a close match with Minwax Golden Oak. If you don't stir the can, it will be too yellow. (The pigment is pretty brown) A little stiring get's it closer. Full stiring may be too dark. Try it diluted with mineral spirits and build up to it.

Also you may want to try some "Orange Shellac" which makes pine look old.