View Full Version : Need Email Address..

Bill Cunningham
04-16-2013, 11:12 AM
Does anyone have a working email address for Lasersketch? None of the ones on their website work.. I need granite, and I've been trying to get a hold of Kevin at Richwood (Their Canadian Distributor) by both phone and email without luck for over a week. Everything I have sent to a email link on the lasersketch website has bounced back..

Brian Terry
04-16-2013, 1:05 PM
Hi Bill I just talked to Richwood a few weeks ago his number is 519-846-2218

Bill Cunningham
04-16-2013, 8:12 PM
I've been trying to reach him for over a week.. I sent a email, and left two messages on his machine but no replies.. I've been buying from Kevin for a long time, this is the first time I've not been able to contact him.. I'ts weird that not one email link on the lasersketch site works..There's at least two, and they both bounce back.. I guess I'll have to phone them.. I hate dealing with anything over the phone, it just takes too long.. Email is much more efficient and there is a record.

Brian Terry
04-17-2013, 9:45 AM
If I remember right he either moved or renovated so he has been slow to respond. I have been waiting for him to receive a shipment of marble.

Bill Cunningham
04-18-2013, 8:11 PM
That would answer a few questions, but you would think after two weeks, he would have checked his answering machine ! We'll see what next week brings..

Bill Cunningham
04-30-2013, 12:36 PM
I have just talked to the folks at LaserSketch. Apparently Kevin has closed up his business. This is truly unfortunate. I have just faxed a small order to LaserSketch.. Hopefully they can find another dealer in Ontario soon.. I suggested Engravers Express, Hopefully they will talk to them..