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Chad Fitzgerald
03-23-2013, 8:11 PM
I get a photo, clean it up, adjust, etc. then i save them before converting to B&W to a folder that way if i want to use it again at a different size i can. I found resizing after B&W 1 bit doesnt work well. RIGHT?
Next time i use it all i have to do is resize, convert to B&W, stucci, and go.
I did this with a photo, but i used cutout lab to get rid of the background, saved it as CPT file, corel photo paint. brought it back in today to use it, converted it to B&W, and it applied a white background to it, a rectangle background.
I know the white background wont engrave BUT, i want the text mixed in with the photo and this background is messing it up. basically the photo in front of the text in places(hope that makes sense).
Here is the question
How do I get rid of background FOREVER. So corel never asks me to merge it, etc.
I found if i leave it at greyscale i have no issue but i prefer B&W stucci.
Thanks Chad

Mike Null
03-24-2013, 9:51 AM
Try this.


Aaron Koehl
03-24-2013, 4:02 PM
Export to image format that supports transparency- png or gif, for instance. These are suitable lossless encodings for 1-bit dithered (b&w) images.

Mike Chance in Iowa
03-24-2013, 4:52 PM
I agree with Aaron. Save the file as a .png after you have removed the background. I don't use Corel for photo editing so I don't know if you can do this in Corel Paint. I use Paintshop Pro - which has been owned by Corel since 2004. Paintshop Pro will allow you to save your photo without the background when you save it as a .PSP file. I work with layers, so I can easily add a black or white background to the graphic if I need it. Working with layers also comes in handy to temporarily use a hot pink/blue/yellow etc layer to make sure I removed all the extra bits and pieces of background in the photo that could be picked up by the laser.

Chad Fitzgerald
03-25-2013, 7:08 AM
aaron and mike, i will try this and see how it works.
mike null, thats a good article, ive done similar but not quite that way so i will try that too.