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Jesse Anderson
03-23-2013, 7:58 PM
So i did a project for a local company... It did not cost me must of anything to make. Just a clock face from the thrift store. stain, and some vector redrawing.

I have been doing projects like these for certain prospective clients. I will do a free project for them to get my foot in the door. Then 90% of the time they call back saying hey can u do this for us or for a customer we have ? It is a great marketing strategy.. Offering a trial demo of your work. And offer a service to another business , so they also can make a profit.

Thank u SMC for all of your idea's and input.

Here is a picture of the clock and the image that i made it from..... I hope u enjoy a simple idea of making a nice clock for a business. Enjoy SMC...

Dan Hintz
03-23-2013, 8:48 PM
You have a lot of cleaning left to do to get rid of the smoke... should have masked it first.

Mike Troncalli
03-23-2013, 8:56 PM
You have a lot of cleaning left to do to get rid of the smoke... should have masked it first.

Dan, Did you not take your happy pills today.

Jesse, Good job, thanks for sharing.

Jesse Anderson
03-23-2013, 10:30 PM
Dan is right..... If i am going to deliver this to a customer i should clean it up.... I was rushing on my way out the door for a business trip... I will spend some more time on it.

Dan Hintz
03-24-2013, 8:30 AM
Dan, Did you not take your happy pills today.

You're right, I should have praised Jesse on the nice looking piece first... in my haste to get back to what I was doing elsewhere I pointed out a suggested method to make it better. Sorry, J...

Jiten Patel
03-24-2013, 8:41 AM
Hi Jesse,

Looks good. I agree with Dan, clean it up and it will look so much smarter. Also I would suggest tabbing the letter "O" and "P". Just my 2 pence. Still nice.

Mike Null
03-24-2013, 9:57 AM
I like the idea as well and my suggestion follows that of Jit.

Jesse Anderson
03-24-2013, 12:54 PM
I have taken the clock off and sanded, sanded some more. Then used the cut out pieces and varnished them a darker color then what the whole piece will be. I will use them and some wood glue and create a inlay.

I will post a updated picture and i am sure it will look much much better.

Jesse Anderson
03-24-2013, 5:58 PM
I should of just left it how it was. Least i still have the design on my computer. I decided to use a heavy duty sander while it was clamped to my work bench. It ripped it into shreds.

Least i still have the design in my computer. I guess i will retry it. I am no expert. I was going to make the clock out of adamantium. But i seem to forget the smelting process. Oh wellll....

David Rust
03-25-2013, 6:51 PM
Sorry to hear that Jesse... We all learn from our mistakes... Mask it first on the next go-around! Don't feel bad, mistakes are part of the learning process! I am currently running through many pieces of granite just trying to figure out the best method for processing a picture, best settings, etc... it's a learning experience!!

Jim Good
03-25-2013, 7:12 PM
I know the finished product will be great. I think we all do the same thing and that is we look at the finished product and see where we could have done better. Take it as constructive criticism and use it on future projects. It'll pay off. I agree that some paper masking will save you a bunch of time and will look professional because a professional DID make it! Your marketing strategy is right on. You have to give a little to make a little. It does work!

Bert Kemp
03-26-2013, 11:32 AM
I thought it looked great the way it was it had a nostalgic look to it, kinda like that old Mill look or something. Hope you get it to your liking on the new one.

Jesse Anderson
03-27-2013, 9:34 AM
Bert... That is what my girl friend said... She said the Burnt Edges and and stained unfinished look gave it a rustic look to it. """Actually using the word Nostalgic""...

So it wont be much work for me to reproduce this work and bring it to the next level.

Joe Hillmann
03-27-2013, 1:29 PM
I find that some people do like the smokey rustic look. I had one customer come in when I was sanding a bunch of wooden place markers I made for her. She liked the unsanded smoke damaged ones better so I ended re making the ones I sanded. I personally can't stand it, on my own products I see smoke damage as a half job. Unless that smoke damage is on the end grain, then I am very careful not to sand it away. To each his own I guess.

Richard Coers
03-27-2013, 4:42 PM
Can't you just wash it with alcohol to remove the smoke? Why all the sanding? I would rotate the clock and the sign 90 degrees so the lettering reads horizontally. Maybe even mount the works to the center of one of the o's and not use the face. It will be mostly decorative anyway.