View Full Version : Dolly for Epilog I found a cheap one.

Jesse Anderson
03-22-2013, 11:12 AM
So one day i was on a crazy scramble to find a dolly to move my Epilogs around from Convention , Show, House, and to my store. As i was gathering parts for wheels, Scrap Aluminum and bolts and local hardware stores. I came across a nice garden kart with heavy duty wheels. Capacity of 1000 lbs. Exactly fit the demensions of my laser. It was a good good find. I purchased this kart at Lowes for around $140 .... It is the perfect kart.

With the railings though the back exhaust and power supply boxes do kind of get in the way. But..... There is more... All of the side's on this cart are on hinges and drop down. U can take them off. Or just leave it hanging on its hinge and secure it down with heavy duty cotter pins.

I just wanted to express my deep joy with finding this cart. Any other one i found was very expensive. If u have a Lowes in your area and see a kart this is the best one i have found for your money.....

Now all i need is some Ramp's for my Cargo Can so it can be a one man operation......

I have another Thread about finding a dolly Kart with plenty of other suggestions that cost more. But i thought i would start a new thread that was the most Cost Effective way of Laser Transportation.

Notice in the Picture that the Sides Drop Down, This makes it easy to keep the laser on the kart while in operation. I have purchased some ratchet down strap to secure it while it is mobile. I will be purchasing a few more of they carts. They can be easily modified. I am going to weld up on the extended sides with scrap metal... That kart is not flimsy at all. I do consider it heavy duty. It is sort of heavy not exactly aluminum.

Also when u drop down the side's of this Kart the Base of it is flat. So sliding something on or off it is not a problem. There is even a bolt at the bottom. I thought about rigging up a hydraulic jack to get it up a few feet in the air.

IF any one has any questions just ask and i will provide more information. It really does fit like OJ Simpsons Glove.

Search Lowes Garden Kart to find.

Brian Terry
03-22-2013, 12:07 PM
Check out harbor freight they have a lift cart 1000 lb lift on sale for $240.00 if you want a working height.

Jesse Anderson
03-22-2013, 5:22 PM
If u can provide a link to something that would be awesome. The kart i found is awesome... I would buy a upgrade though

Rudy Ress
03-23-2013, 9:40 AM
Hi Jesse, Brian mentioned the HF lift. It is currently listed on sale on their web site for $244.99 (Item #69148). If you do a search on their site for "lift cart" it will bring it up along with another with a 500 Lb capacity for less money.

Michael Hardy
03-25-2013, 12:06 PM
The day (back in 2009) my Zing 24 was delivered, I put it on that same garden cart and I have not taken it off since. It works well enough, just make sure the tires say inflated.