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Bernadette Semilla
03-04-2013, 10:21 PM
Hi guys, neander here, sharing my disappointment and confusion so I don't go postal. I recently bought a fore plane off Walt at Brass City Records and was excited to pick it up today unless I noticed a bag around the box printed with a message from Canada Post apologizing for damage. And it certainly didn't feel like 7-8lbs. So I took of a video of me unboxing it in case I have to prove to anyone I didn't tamper with the package when I complain later!


On a serious note, I'm starting to get concerned since this isn't the first package of tool(s) with something missing and tears in the box that I've gotten. Anyone from Canada, specifically the GVRD, BC area have this problem? My gut says thief but my brain says I'm being paranoid. If you guys have had good luck with private carriers, please let me know.

At least I got a rad panther sleeve out of it.

Gary Hodgin
03-04-2013, 10:52 PM
My guess is that someone expecting a couple of albums got a fore plane.

Paul Saffold
03-04-2013, 11:05 PM
I hope you will check with Walt tomorrow and explain the situation. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. It is good that you document what was in the box but I wouldn't put it out on the internet before the seller has a chance to explain or to correct what happened.
Just my opinion.

Bob Coleman
03-04-2013, 11:07 PM
Looks to me like the box/tape tore and the plane slid out. There's no doubt some postal worker somewhere looking at it on the counter thinking "what the heck is THIS". By the way, Walt probably insured the package, so I would check with him. He also has this quirk where he sticks records in boxes of woodworking tools.

Bernadette Semilla
03-05-2013, 12:13 AM
Yup, I contacted Walt about it.

But I want you guys to know I in no way suspect or even doubt Walt in this! Just trying to put a little comic relief to my experience, last thing I want to do is implicate an honourable man in anything. The packaging slip from CT actually had the package weighted at 7lb9oz so I'm sure the plane was there when it left. I shot this for my friends and specifically didn't name Walt in the video- I actually mentioned him here so people would know it wasn't a seller-side fault.

Gary Hodgin
03-05-2013, 1:15 AM
Several years ago I came home to find a big, heavy package on my front porch. My name and address were on the box, but I had no idea what was in it. Opened it an found a real nice Hegner scroll saw loaded with accessories. It was from Advanced Machinery.

I called and ask about it and apparently someone had bought the saw at a woodworking show to be shipped later. The only thing we could figure out is that I had bought a couple of things from Advanced before and somehow my name became associated with the saw. Nice saw.

P.S. BTW, UPS picked it up the next day and I didn't even remove it from the box. That was one nice saw though.

Dan Hintz
03-05-2013, 6:06 AM
I have been ordering a lot of stamps, silver bullion, etc. lately to "replenish my supplies" :D A recent purchase never arrived, though it shows as being delivered on Friday. I have the post office looking into the issue, but somewhere out there someone is enjoying a pocketful of .999 silver at my expense :-/

Joe Angrisani
03-05-2013, 9:15 AM
Looks like Walt my be out-of-pocket on this one even if he insured it. If you paid for insurance, you're covered one way or another. But his purchased insurance is dependent upon proper packaging.

Simply placing an item in a box does not necessarily cover it against loss or damage with the shipper. The video seems to show a plane-sized hole in the box where it busted out of the end. A Walt Error, not a Post Office Error. Items need to be packed properly. With a heavy item like a plane, that generally means "a box in a box". A tight fitting internal box with thinner padding between the item and the box, then a couple inches of packing foam centering the inner box in the outer box.

tim morris
03-05-2013, 9:23 AM
I am currently working with the usps on a package I sent. The last entry on the tracking number is "contents left package". This was entered 7 days after I shipped it at a sorting center 10 miles from home. Sounds to me like model efficiency :) Thank God my wife called the day she dropped it off and asked if I wanted to insure it. $7.00 for a $700.00 package. Best money I've ever spent. 2 pc 7518's by the way (heavy box)

Kevin Bourque
03-05-2013, 9:32 AM
Somewhere out there in the Canadian hinterlands is a 50 year old guy with a pony tail and a Members Only jacket who was expecting to rock out to some Cotillion today, but instead he has a fore plane and a puzzled look on his face.

Paul Saffold
03-05-2013, 9:39 AM
USPS "Restricted Mail" is the most secure of their various shipping products.

Clarence Smith
03-05-2013, 2:43 PM
Was it on the Canada Post semi truck that rolled off the Coquihalla highway a few weeks back? The truck sat there for days cuz the tow operator wasn't sure he was going to get paid. Thats probably where it got damaged.

Bernadette Semilla
03-08-2013, 5:41 PM
Oof, I hope not. The Coquihalla's a real bear to drive through any time of the year, eh?

Well, in the future I'll be more careful about my shipping options and insurance. As an update, Walt has generously refunded me cost + shipping while he files a claim with USPS. I'm not sure if I'll be ordering from the states again from any store but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his store to the Americans here. Very nice guy. :)

Mike Cogswell
03-09-2013, 2:23 PM
Assuming you didn't also order the records (and that Walt doesn't use them as packaging filler), the logical conclusion is he simply mixed up the two labels and sent someone else's record order to you and your plane to that person.

Did you tell Walt you got records?

Bernadette Semilla
03-09-2013, 6:56 PM
Yup, he confirmed he uses them as packing material. The sleeves are cut shorter than usual and the records are much too scratched up to sell. Might give them a go in the player anyway for kicks.

Brian Elfert
03-09-2013, 8:29 PM
Records seem like a silly choice for packing material. They provide no cushioning. I'm not sure why you would never order from the USA again because of one bad shipment. A shipment from a Canadian vendor could go bad too.

I received an empty package through the USPS once. The item had obviously been stolen because someone had cut the tape and retaped the envelope. Luckily, the item has been insured and I had payment from the USPS in only a week.

John Piwaron
03-10-2013, 8:57 AM
Somewhere out there in the Canadian hinterlands is a 50 year old guy with a pony tail and a Members Only jacket who was expecting to rock out to some Cotillion today, but instead he has a fore plane and a puzzled look on his face.

Or he's thinking "Hey, I've always wanted one of these but never have the "bread" to get one" :)