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Jesse Anderson
03-02-2013, 6:54 PM
I figured that i would post one of my first projects that turned out decent. I did this several months ago. Take's only a few minutes once u have the template to type in any word u want. Family last name, Event, Wedding, In any font. This probably should of gone in the sign section, But i figured since i was using a laser engraver to fabricate the sign it would be appropriate to let other engraver get a idea from it. 255836

The sign uses 2 layers. One to cut out the orange part. One to cut out the black layer. Then it is glued on with wood glue. Interesting application when u have to make a sign for a customer to put on his deck.. If this thread has to be moved then that is fine. I used cheap birch wood. Looks very professional and nice.

I pre painted the wood sheets prior to cutting.... I later figured out that if u cut and then paint it looks allot nicer. In corel draw when i merged the lines together for the border of the text and rounded rectangle i use the virtual segment delete to edit out the part of the hairlines that would normally be vector cut. U also have to weld "Convert to curves", And breka apart ""Or a combination of both" Depends on what your trying to accomplish.

I have attached the corel draw file so people can look at it. I know that the work is amateur at best . I thought i would add other resources to the forum that beginners could start off with. If i had more tools to work with at the beginning the learning curve goes allot faster.

Jeff Belany
03-04-2013, 11:37 AM
When you want to post a Corel file, doa 'Save As' then at the bottom of the 'Save As' window it says 'version' and click on an earlier version (like 12) that most people on the forum will be able to open. I have X5 and can't see any of your files.

Jeff in northern Wisconsin

Jesse Anderson
03-04-2013, 1:22 PM
Sorry, My first few posts that i made i saved them all in The newest version of Corel. I will be make sure in the future that my files are saved in a lower version that way all the people who have corel past versions can open them.... I hope people who have Corel Draw x1 that was made in 1989 are able to get a new version. I might not be able to help those guys....:)