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Rich Lavens
02-15-2013, 9:27 AM

I'm new to this forum and have my hand-waiving in the air with a question.

I started a sign making biz out of my home a couple years ago (mostly acrylic) and have been looking at Laser engraving machines. I cannot afford any American made units but am about ready to buy a 60 watt Morntech unit (with exhauster, compressor and rotary attachment), delivered for around $6100. Jamil at Morntech seems very helpful and the machine seems to be capable of everything I'd need at the moment.

I just don't know much about the foreign machines. Does anyone have an experience with Morntech, pro's vs cons? Is it a reliable machine, are replacement part available, etc? Are there better alternatives out there?


Mike Null
02-15-2013, 10:29 AM

Welcome to Sawmill Creek. First I suggest you spend a few days reading through the hundreds of threads related to Chinese lasers. Do a thorough comparison.

Contact one of our advertisers https://frontlinelasers.com/ who are located in Dayton, Ohio, not all that far from you.

Norman Ravis
04-18-2013, 11:35 PM
Rich, take my advice... DO NOT buy a morntech. I bought one last year. From the start i had so many issues, from motherboard failing, lcd panel failed, leaking water cooling, so many other things wrong. They sent me a complete replacement laser after the first one kept failing, and after 2 hours of use the motherboard failed again. Jamil never... NEVER answers calls. Tech support NEVER answers, their "hours" are 10-6.. HA they wont answer will at least 1pm so hopefully you aren't in a situation where you are at a state fair and machine wont work like I was. The quality was , I adjusted the mirrors perfectly and my 60 watt wouldn't cut threw 1/8" acrylic. Before you buy Jamil is real nice and "helpful" until he gets your money then good luck with that. After months of frustration, thousands of dollars in lost or refunded business, and at least $1000 in wasted product, I had finally had enough and Jamil actually told me "Send the machine back, we are tired of dealing with you" I can send you the actual email of him saying that. I can send you so many pictures of the terrible quality etching, I have pictures of the laser doing wavy lines in attempt to do a simple straight line.
Like I said Jamil told me to send the laser back and he would refund my money, I sent it back to him, waited for a month while he ignored my calls and emails. I finally had to dispute the charge on my credit card to get my money back. I can not stress enough DO NOT BUY MORNTECH. I was in the same boat as you and couldn't afford a quality one and ended up spending more in the end in lost sales and product. Until I finally bought a Universal... BEST IDEA EVER. Absolute night and day difference.
Feel free to contact me, I will be glad to show you pictures of the junk that Morntech puts out.
Oh AND when the second laser arrived it was busted up, scratched up, and in doors were actually cut with tin snips to get them to close, and had rust where the paint had come off... BRAND NEW!!!

Pete James
04-19-2013, 9:17 AM
We purchased a 40w from Hurricane Lasers and could not be any happier. The laser functioned perfectly out of the crate and the before and after sale service from John and the Hurricane staff has been excellent. Our machine has paid for itself in just 4 months use.