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Stephen Hanlon
02-14-2013, 7:59 AM
Does anyone have links to a supplier of mirrors, lenses X/Y motors etc. for a GCC Spirit GX that would be willing to ship worldwide (to Australia)??? We have a local rep that is charging over the top pricing for items that should cost a third. He has a monopoly on the spares and most of the items - Linear rails and X / Y motors you can not get for less than AUD$1000.

Any help would be appreciated.​

Mike Lysov
02-14-2013, 4:10 PM
Hi Stephen,

you can try http://www.jorlink.com/ They sell original parts for GCC and ship worldwide. It may be cheaper. Also for the lenses and mirrors you can try to go with Chinese ones(search them on ebay or alliexpress) they sell this stuff quite cheap and it is worth to try.

Stephen Hanlon
02-14-2013, 5:35 PM
Hi Mike,

I have tried Jorlink a couple of times and struggle to get a reply. They do sell all the stuff I am after....!

Jim Reinhard
02-14-2013, 5:45 PM
Try emailing mackenzie over there he is great and usualy quick to reply. mackenzie@jorlink.com

Hi Mike,

I have tried Jorlink a couple of times and struggle to get a reply. They do sell all the stuff I am after....!

Richard Rumancik
02-14-2013, 5:50 PM
Did you buy the laser from the same supplier that you are attempting to get parts? How do you know that the pricing for parts is 3x as much as elsewhere? A single motor should probably be in the ballpark of $250 or $300 (US dollars). If they want $1000 then I too would question what is going on. Many distributors and dealers don't actually stock anything (it gets shipped from the factory or from a national warehouse) so it probably can't be an issue of carrying inventory.

One problem is that other distributors might be restricted from selling parts outside their territory. I don't know how much GCC enforces "territory" rules but in NA you are expected to buy your equipment from the GCC dealer in your area. You could try GCC America and see if they are able to help you. Or else email the factory in Taiwan and explain your situation and see if they feel the pricing is justified. If the markup is truly unreasonable, GCC Taiwan will probably want to work something out with the dealer.

You can find contact info on the gccworld.com site.

Rodne Gold
02-15-2013, 2:06 AM
They generally pretty good as in willing to supply parts etc if your local guys don't have or aren't up to snuff. They will take it up with the local agents however..
Au$1000 for a x or y motor is ridiculous , I'm pretty sure they less than $200.

Stephen Hanlon
02-17-2013, 5:40 PM
Thanks for the replies...I got hold of mackenzie over the weekend and am heading in a better direction. My local distributor is the one elevating the prices. I am sending an email to GCC to see if there is another way around this guy...It seems that every time I have an issue with the machine it is always around the AUD$1000 mark for the part....this ticks me off somewhat as he is giving GCC a bad name and I know that machines are great to use. I had his competitor (epilog) accidently send through a replacement X motor and the invoice was only AUD390.

Anyhow, I will be sending Mackenzie all of the machine details today and ordering new mirrors and cleaning kits.

Gary Chapman
03-13-2013, 1:00 AM
Actually we offered the GCC X motor for $450 so I am not sure where these other figures are coming from. We stock it our warehouse along with 80% of all the components that make up a GCC laser so our clients downtime is minimized to same day or overnight if they are remote. We have 3 specialist laser technicians on staff and offer a 24hr 7 day support service along with a next day next flight guarantee if it cannot be resolved over the phone. This is why we charge $450 for the motor. I have seen many instances where people embellish the facts simply to get access to a lower cost source, but in the end you get what you pay for.

Darren coffell
11-24-2013, 1:04 PM
I have had to buy two x motors this year. They cost me $575 each from gcc dealer. Seems very expensive for what it is. Worst thing is, the one I replaced in July ( 5 months) failed and took out the main board at a cost of another $900 plus next day shipping. 90 day warranty of course. I am pretty discouraged with GCC these days myself. I have been using their lasers for quite a few years and they once were the best when it came to support and warranty. These days it just seems like they are more interested in collecting the money. I know they need to make money just like all of us, but the replacement parts are crazy expensive in my opinion and will definitely affect my machine buying decisions in the future.