View Full Version : Testing the Air Assist

Graham Parsons
02-11-2013, 7:57 AM

Is there a way of testing the air assist on our Epilog Helix? I mean, with the compressor running, should I be able to feel it coming out of the air assist tube? I believe it's turned on on the control panel, but I can't detect anything. Also, does the printer driver software over-ride the machines control panel - i.e. turning on the air assist within the printer driver turns it on regardless of the control panel setting?

Thanks in advance,

Martin Boekers
02-11-2013, 9:42 AM
Maybe it's time for me to upgrade my driver, I didn't know Epilog had the option to turn air assist on from the driver.

You can test it by running a vector line slowly and open the the lid to feel if air is coming out of the tube. The laser won't fire,
but air assist should still work.