View Full Version : resawing by hand...saw to use?

Brian Matthews
05-07-2003, 12:45 AM
Howdy all, glad to have found this forum.

I am just starting out and am planning to build a few frame/bow saws. Can anyone offer some advice on design?

In particular I am not sure the best way to secure handles to the frame where the blade is held on each side. I was planning to hacksaw a kerf into the end of a 3/8" bolt (after cutting off the head) and drilling a small hole to cross-pin the blade. My problem is I am unsure of how to work in the handles.

I have found a few plans while surfin', but most are not real clear on that detail.

I'll kepp you posted if I figure anything out, might just start buildin' it and we'll see what happens.

Happy sawing,

Andrew Fairbank
05-07-2003, 5:23 AM
Hi Brian,

These should get you started:

bow saw

frame saw: http://www.hyperkitten.com/woodworking/frame_saw.php3

Depending opon your needs, you could be looking for a frame saw as opposed to a bow saw. Detail in websites.



Sparky Paessler
05-07-2003, 11:16 AM

Here is a picture of a hand resaw that I downloaded from the net a while back. Sorry I don't remember where I got it from but it was on a page with a very interesting vice that I was thinking about building. Maybe it will give you some ideas.

Noah Alkinburgh
06-03-2003, 4:21 PM
So this makes me curious, especially that picture from sparky, how does on resaw by hand? Is the saw expensive? Difficult to build? Been pining on a band saw for awhile but low on the cash flow. Hand tools aren't always cheaper though, but can be a quite a bit more fun and satisfying. Any info on this subject "wood" be greatly appreciated


Brian Matthews
06-15-2003, 4:10 PM

I can relate to your wanting a bandsaw... I am in the middle of making a small wall cabinet for a furniture making course I took in May. I have a ways to go to complete it as I have chosen to resaw some 4/4 white oak for the front and rear panels. The hangup is that I do not have anything to resaw the boards with.

I have set aside the cabinet to build myself a 24" long bowsaw so I may resaw by hand. In the mean time I have noticed that the side panels on my wall cabinet are slowly moving out of square...the weather here in Calgary, AB changes so much it is wreaking havoc on the dovetails I have already cut in the side panels. I only hope they will still be able to be coaxed together when I get around to assembly!

BTW, I saw your post of the first dovetails you made....very nice. Much more clean than my first attempt. Good job.