View Full Version : Anyone use Mint these days?

Matt Meiser
01-21-2013, 7:22 PM
The financial site, not the herb. If you want to talk about the latter start your own thread. :D

We happily used Microsoft Money from the mid/late 90's until it was discontinued. We switched to Quicken which has been nothing but trouble. LOML has had to rebuild the data file a few times and spent hours online with support. And frankly its about the only reason she couldn't move away from having a home laptop to a tablet. She has been talking about trying Mint for a few weeks now. Anyone using it that can offer a review? One thing I'm less than crazy about is the cloud aspect. Then when I think about it more I realize all that data is already exposed by the banks on their sites so its not that much different. And over the years we've gotten more than one "oops" letter about security breaches even from them.

Really, the only thing we really use it for is to consolidate information from multiple institutions into one spot. She's pretty happy with the online services the various institutions have, but we have about 4 different ones which is a pain. We don't use it for budgeting, investments, or loan tracking.

Stephen Smith Sr
01-21-2013, 8:38 PM
Haven't tried Mint, but just loaded Personal Capital which is similar. It was recommended because of the ability to include investments as well. I've only had it about a week but it appears like a pretty useful app. I'd be interested in your take if you decide to go with Mint.


Ben Hatcher
01-22-2013, 11:07 AM
I used it for a while but got annoyed by all of the duplicate transactions from my checking account. My bank displays pending transactions and Mint would include them in the totals along with the actual transaction when they posted. If I recall, this only happened for transactions pending when I logged into Mint, so the more I used it the more annoying the problem became. After about 3 months I got tired of constantly needing to clean the data.