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tommy suriady
01-11-2013, 8:16 PM
My behemoth of the BS2513 laser is here all the way from China! It cuts all the way to 8x4 feet. And I have unpacked it, set it up and did my first run. Everything is A-OK and I sure is impressed by how everything is so well packed and how easy is it from opening to the first run.
Here are some pics to enjoy.
250802Unloading it from the wheel required forklift. It is close to 1 tonnes if not more. despite the heavy equipment, there were more bumping around than I cared.
250801this is how it looked immediately after unloading. please ignore the gravity on the box. The very first impression is that the box is pretty well made to fit. I remembering receiving email from them that they are currently packing my laser and I was wondering how long could it take to pack a factory made machine. I turned out they kinda custom packed this machine as can be seen by the hump where the head is located. Despite all the bumpings and the long trip by sea and 400km by 3rd world road, it survived with barely a scratch not to mention a dent.

250804This is the first peek into the packaging. despite pretty impressed by how neat the wrapping and the earlier impression of how welll packed it is, i was rather surprised by how tight a fitting is for the machine. Such tight fitting would only mean a good bump is going to distort the machine to hell. Then again, such tight fitting makes the packaging rigid and actually contributes to the strength of the packing.

It is very long: 2.6m long. to unload it, we forked the head (aka bump) and had people standing on them to prevent it from tipping forward. I was too nervous to be taking pictures then...

But kudos to the beautiful wrapping and the thoughtfulness of adding the 3 woods on the table to increase the rigidity. Got to say that it is an excellent touch.

250803This is how it looks when we were gutting out the laser tubes, wheels to be installed, coolers and compressors and blowers (3 of them!)

250806This is how it looks on the inside. Very pretty and neat. No problem there... it is defifitely up there in term of standard. and I have seen many many many machines. Body is solid, painting is good... Welding is neat and even. they send this machine drenched in oil and somehow managed to cause the yellow/black safety stickers
to peel. but a hand adjustment is all it took to make them look good again.
250805 This is how the laser packing look. Well, I bought 2x 100w laser tubes just in case 1 broke along the way... but it turns out fine and excellent. but if you put your eggs in 1 basket... just hope your basket is good.

I got busy after this and installed the laser to the head. And honestly, I totally forgot to take more pictures...
I was skeptical as usual about chinese machine despite the close to impressive packaging... but was really impressed by the first firing: everything is pre-aligned and after hooking up to our 5300 cooler, the first pulse showed a mack on the acrylic. We made a slight adjustment to the mirror. just a total of 3 small twists to get the laser aligned squarely near and far on the axes. Setting it up was honestly easy as A-B-C. Absolutely for beginners.

I am sorry that I do not have a picture of the machine totally on site... I was way too excited about running it. but here is a picture i found on the web. and they look every bit the same to the nooks and crannies. except the controller panel: you could custom order it.

Overall, I am really pleased by the experience and the overall product. We did some cuttings and all is fine.
I am going to take more pictures if anybody is interested to any particular parts.

If I make no further report, then everything is working as it should. Hahaha.

NB: The 5300 model cooler is very very very good! Runs silent as a mouse. The factory told me 5300 is an over kill but gave it to me for an additional 1000RMB anyway. Over here, our workshop is 35 degree celcius on a proper day, but the water is at a good temperature.

Mike Null
01-11-2013, 11:16 PM

Welcome to Sawmill Creek. We look forward to seeing some of your work. Good luck with your new machine.

Rodne Gold
01-12-2013, 4:26 AM
Welcome and good luck with your laser..my stuff too was immaculately packed and worked straight off the boat...
You gonna use it to cut acrylic for signage applications?

tommy suriady
01-12-2013, 10:34 PM
I am using this primarily for acrylics and thin plywoods.

I have the 60x90cm machine to cut placards and small signages before printing them on my uv printer and somehow people kept asking me to do parts for showcases (mobile pnes and jeweleries), cabinet doors accesories attachment points and interior design stuffs like motif-cut wall light coverings and signage stuffs.

There were so many times that the smaller machine is too small. I either have to think to hard or turn down the order. So since the machine cost me only 60krmb, i took the plunge for the big one.

I am in a small town that is growing incredibly, especially in the building industry for retail and fine residential places.

I am originally a photography and printing guy. Then got into grand format printing to cover whole interior walls like wallpapers. And just 5mths ago started laser cutting for the signages. So it's More based on necessity than anything else.

For my small town, laser CNC is absolutely high tech. Hahahhaa.

Rodne Gold
01-13-2013, 4:08 AM
Combining a laser/overhead cnc/Digital printer enables you to do a ton of stuff that others with single machines cant even contemplate doing..especially if you the only guy in town.