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Steve Clardy
05-06-2003, 4:34 PM
I think you all need to add weather, news, shopping, etc. Then all of us could set this as our HOME PAGE!!!!!!!!!
Whooppeeeeee:D :D :D :D :D :D

Bobby Hatfield
05-06-2003, 6:35 PM
Steve, maybe he could just add this http://www.hamptonroads.com/pilotonline/ to the home page and that would take care of it. I use it to check out what's happening up there where my kids are, especially the weather cams, can get as close as 7 blocks from their house in Chesapeake.

Keith Outten
05-06-2003, 9:19 PM

Well I'll have to dicuss this with Aaron and see what he would suggest. I know that it is possible to query the database when you login and from your city/state provide your local weather.

News would be easy if you just want links to national news. Local news would require us to search every local paper in the country.

Shopping - We would prefer that you shop in the SawMill Creek gift shop, but if you must spend your money elsewhere we understand. We will be doing bulk buys very soon under our new SawBucks program and we hope to save you a bundle on tools, equipment and supplies. Save some of those hard earned bucks for the SawBucks program, if lots of people participate the program will be very successful and the discounts will go up on every promotion.

I love to provide useful information when I post here so here is a link that you might find interesting;


Cards411.com is a directory we designed, built and host on the web, it is small but has promise. You can list your business card online and even provide a couple of paragraphs describing your business. It's Free and you get a login account and password that allows you to edit your entry any time you feel the need. Cards411.com is searchable by city, state, zip code, name, business name, keywords, etc. Also your business card is assigned a permanent address on the Net so you can link to it in your email messages.


Steve Clardy
05-08-2003, 3:40 PM
Went back and edited my post after old man Ken caught that I got your name wrong. Will check out the site. I just ordered a hat and square from you.
Thanks for checking into this.
Just got back up and running after lightning burnt out my modem, fax seperator, telephone, surge protector. Steve

Randy Gleckler
05-08-2003, 5:29 PM
Where did you find the square for ordering? I only see the hat for sale. Was waiting to see other items. I HAVE to be missing something...

:confused: :confused: :confused:

Steve Clardy
05-08-2003, 5:40 PM
Originally posted by Randy Gleckler
Where did you find the square for ordering? I only see the hat for sale. Was waiting to see other items. I HAVE to be missing something...

:confused: :confused: :confused:

It was on a seperate page if I remember correctly. Just click around there, maybe it will come up, or maybe Keith or Ken can help you. Steve

Keith Outten
05-08-2003, 11:46 PM
All of the products in the SawMill Creek Gift Shop have an Order Online link that goes to the same web page.

The direct link to the page is


The 6" by 6" square is now being made with 1/4" clear acrylic, the 1/8" acrylic was weakened by vector cutting the graduation lines so I doubled the thickness to make them stronger. The thicker material also makes it easier to pick up the square.

Some of the posts I have made will not show up in the gift shop because they are older than 45 days which is the default for vBulletin to display messages. You can set your personal preferences to make the 45 days longer or shorter if you prefer but all messages are available via the search feature.

I have lots of new items to add to our gift shop, just need to find the time to take pictures and get them in the store.