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Jacob Hobbes
01-10-2013, 2:05 PM
Hey, first time making a post. I recently started working in engraving and have found this forum to be extremely helpful.
We use three machines here; an Epilog, a Trotec, and a Universal V-460. The question I have is concerning the x-axis movement of the Universal. There may be a better way to convey it, but the best way I can describe this issue is to pretend I'm engraving a triangle shape (let's say a Christmas tree) where the narrowest end of the shape is at the top, gradually getting wider toward the bottom.
Using the Universal, starting from the top of the tree downward, the laser head will move the same distance, back and forth, all the way down the image.
On the other hand, if I made this shape on either of the other two machines, the laser head would only move along the x-axis as far as it needed to to draw the shape. (it would move back and forth a shorter distance at the top of the tree, and gradually move back and forth a further distance as the shape grew wider).
This makes the Universal machine slower than the other two. I understand that on just a few images the time difference can be negligible, but when we are slammed with lot of high volume engraving and tight deadlines, that time saved could really help out.

Is there a setting that can change this on the Universal? I hope this made sense, and if not, I can try to elaborate further.


Charleston, SC

Yuriy Karpov
01-10-2013, 4:14 PM
How big is the shape? if it is relatively small, lets say 1cm, you can not avoid it as the motor can't stop that quickly.

Jacob Hobbes
01-10-2013, 4:24 PM
Any size really. The shape I'm talking about is completely hypothetical. Let's say the widest part of the shape is 15cm. On the Universal, the head will move approx 15cm back and forth when engraving the entire shape. Even if there are sections that are only 5cm wide, it will move 15cm. The other two machines will adjust how far they move back and forth to what part of the shape they are engraving. Not sure if the Universal is capable of that, but if it is, I was hoping to find out. Could save some time on large volume deadlines.

Yuriy Karpov
01-10-2013, 7:14 PM
my 4.60 doesn't do that.

Stan Lightner
01-11-2013, 8:47 AM
What graphics software are you using as I suspect that is what creates the issue. That said I recommend you contact tech support for both the laser and the software.

Scott Shepherd
01-11-2013, 9:56 AM
I think the difference might be he said "V-460". If I'm not mistaken, that's quite an old unit. I know my PLS doesn't do what's being described. It changes the length of the stroke based on the width of the graphic.

Mike Mackenzie
01-19-2013, 1:09 PM

Check what version of firmware is on the system.

Turn system on once ready press escape
move down to preferences press select
move down to about and press select
what is this number?