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Philip Little
01-02-2013, 9:21 PM
This is my first time posting here....
So I have corel X6 and a zing, doing nameplates out of plastic. The text is appx 1" high no outline/hairline on the text. When I send it to the laser all is fine rastering but then it wants to cut out the letters before doing the outside plate. When I use any font this is happening but.... at a text height of .750" all is well. then I go to .900" it wants to start cutting the text. What am I missing here?? Thanks for any input.


Dee Gallo
01-02-2013, 11:31 PM
First of all, welcome to the Creek!

Second, you should double check that your letters do not have hairlines around them, as that is the only way they will be cut out. They should have fill and no outlines.

Third, you can separate the functions, do the rastering first by printing "raster only". Then, remove the letters and cut using "vector only" to cut out the nameplate shapes. Before you do this, you must save the file and be able to "revert to saved" after deleting so things stay the way they are supposed to.

cheers, dee