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Mohammed Issa
12-18-2012, 5:51 PM
hello everyone,

This is my first post in SMC. first of all, i would like to thank all of you for all the useful information that is readily available.

I've been doing some reading here, and i decided to go ahead and buy a Chinese CO2 laser engraver.

first of all, this will be my first experience using a laser, it will start out as a hobby and then i will see if it is plausible to turn into a small-business. (BTW, i live in Nova Scotia, Canada, so its pretty quite over here).

I have found that most of you that have invested in a Chinese laser bought from Shenhui. I have tried to contact them, but they seem to be too busy to reply. so i went to the next best company i found. bodor. i have already placed my order of: 50w table top 500mm x 300mm with auto z-axis, rotary attachment, honeycomb top, and a few extras. i just sent the money 3 hours ago, and they should start production when i send them the SWIFT copy. it will be delivered through DHL to the airport, shipping alone costed me around $800. but all together (including shipping) i paid $3100.

i will first use the laser to learn, then i will start offering general service of engraving personalized items, name tags, trophies, and things like that at first, then i will see if i should specialize.

tell me what you guys think. have i made right decision? should i have done something differently?

i will be posting photos and videos the second i receive my laser, but for now, you can check out the generic photo i was given.

(i apologize if this was posted in the wrong place, and if it was, please tell me where it should be redirected).


Mike Null
12-18-2012, 6:40 PM

Welcome to SMC. I moved your post here so you might get a little more action. Good luck with your new machine.

Bruce Dorworth
12-18-2012, 7:02 PM
Mohammed, welcome to the creek. What do you mean by engraving name tags and trophies? I hope you don't mean engraving any kind of metal, because the Co2 lasers will not touch metal. There are an unlimited amount of other thing the laser will cut and engrave though.


Mohammed Issa
12-18-2012, 7:28 PM
hey bruce,

double color name tags (plastic) which are especially made for engraving, and crystal trophies, or normal trophies with plastic tags. i am also thinking of buying some thermark for engraving on metals. what do you think?


Mohammed Issa
12-18-2012, 9:06 PM

Welcome to SMC. I moved your post here so you might get a little more action. Good luck with your new machine.

thanks a lot mike! i appreciate it.

Bruce Dorworth
12-18-2012, 9:12 PM
That all sounds good to me. I just remember my dissapointment when I first got my laser engraver(notice the word engraver.) I put a small piece of brass like you would use on a throphy under the head to engrave it. Nada, nothing.... oh well I have found many more uses for the laser, all of which are for hobby purposes.

Good luck,

Tony Lenkic
12-18-2012, 9:55 PM
Mohammed, welcome to SMC.

For award plates there are number of metals that are laser engravable such as laser-brass, laser-steel, laser-aluminum.
Check out JDS or ID Plates web sites for more info.

Shannon Bruce
12-19-2012, 9:45 AM
I was just going to make the same statement as Tony.

I engrave metal in our laser engraver every single day, it just does not etch in like our diamond engraver does. For reflective surface like Gold Brass or Gold Aluminum, we use the Diamond Engraver, but anything else is done on the laser.

Mohammed Issa
12-19-2012, 2:08 PM
Thank you everyone for the information..
what do you guys think of the price? and the specs?


Jeff Tsang
08-27-2013, 8:06 AM
Hey Mohammad,
How's your machine been?.. I've been looking at getting engraver/cutter for myself in Aust, and am starting to settle on a Bodor machine, the slightly bigger brother of yours with the 500x600 table with an 80W RECI. I havn't seen any bad or good reviews from users or buyers from them and would like to know your view of the buying process/quality control with them and if you'd buy or do anything differently if you had the chance over again.
Any advice would be great.


Martin Boekers
08-27-2013, 10:42 AM
Welcome aboard! There is quite a bunch of info here. When you get time I recommend reading the archived posts. Also there is much great info on YouTube about engraving. You'll soon find the laser learning curve isn't quite as steep as learning the software.... :) We look forward to your posts as you get started!

Jeff Tsang
08-27-2013, 9:38 PM
Hey Martin, thanks, I've done a lot of reading on sawmillcreek recently as well as cnczone.. both of which have really good info & advice on laser engravers and cutters. I'm good with the physics, and have sufficient background to make my way through the software & control of lasers. It's the uncertainty of buying a machine sight unseen and sending hard earned $$ over then needing to wait several weeks for it to ship over that bugs me.

William Wong
08-28-2013, 2:19 AM
hey, bruce, brass can not, but for coated-metal, co2 laser is ok. there is one liquid called spry....you can try to get them and put on your metal....the laser will remove the liquid from the metal surface

William Wong
08-28-2013, 2:21 AM
hello, mohammed, the price for the laser machine is ok, it is in a right range. and DHL cost is reasonable.

Adan Bailey
08-28-2013, 4:48 AM
I am searching control of lasers tricks. I need some more guidelines and information about laser engravers and cutters. I will appreciate to quick responders.

Jeff Tsang
08-28-2013, 7:58 AM
Adan, I dont know what you mean or want to know.. 'control of lasers' is a very general topic, and what sort of tricks do you want to do with them?

Martin Boekers
08-28-2013, 9:07 AM
[QUOTE=Adan Bailey;2148869]I am searching control of lasers tricks. I need some more guidelines and information about laser engravers and cutters. I will appreciate to quick responders.[/QUOTE ] Most of the "tricks" are achieved through software and understanding how to optimize your graphic or text. There is soooo much here in the archives. You may want to start at the beginning and read most of the posts. YouTube is another great resource...