View Full Version : Cardboard soup stock containers

Stephen Tashiro
12-15-2012, 1:34 AM
I went shopping for unsalted chicken stock today. The only products available in the "unsalted" line were in cardboard containers. At home, I took the plastic top off the container and found that the seal under it has broken on the edges. The directions on the carton say to refrigerate after opening and to use the contents within 14 days. Being unsure if the product was safe, I took the carton back to the store. There was no problem getting a refund. However, the person at customer service probably has zero influence in the world of product safety.

I wonder if the plastic cap on these containers protects the stock even if the seal has broken.

Brian Elfert
12-15-2012, 2:03 AM
In general, any food item with a seal should still have the seal intact when you pick up the item at the store. The seal prevents contamination, and in many cases the seal also prevent spoilage. There are food items that can sit on the shelf unrefrigerated as long as they are sealed, but need refrigeration as soon as the seal is broken.

I fairly regularly see meat items at the store where the package got punctured or something and the meat changed color due to air exposure. I will alert a store employee if one is nearby to dispose of the item.