View Full Version : Waste Management reprieve

Bob Rufener
12-11-2012, 3:15 PM
I haven't checked this forum for a while and just saw the string related to Waste Management. We live in a rural area and have had them for years and have had decent service. To save a few bucks, I went with the automatic withdrawal payment method. I am skeptical about allowing someone to do this as I don't like them messing with my finances. It has worked out ok but a year ago, we went to Florida for two months and cancelled the service. While in Florida, I noticed a bill and withdrawal from Waste Management. I called customer service and she said there was a note regarding temporary discontinuation of service but we got billed anyway. She claimed she couldn't deposit the money back into our account since it wasn't for the full charge. I found this quite "interesting" thinking that if they can withdraw money, they should be able to deposit. They wound up sending me a check for the balance.

My bill kept rising so I called them up to question it. My bill was about $90 for three months. Without even asking, the rep offered me the same service at $67 for three months if I reupped for 2 years. A savings of about $100 for the year. I certainly took them up on the offer.

I guess it pays to question the amount as it may save you money. A phone call is cheap and may be rewarding.