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Chris Lee
04-25-2005, 4:07 PM
Hello everybody,
This is my first time posting down here so please bear with me. My FIL is the one with the laser and he bought it solely for use with his hobbies, so he is still on the learning curve as well. He has the epilog, I beleive it is either 25 or 35 watts and the cutting surface is 12x24.

I am wanting to make some stickers for a certain club that I belong to that members could put on their cars. Very similar to what you all have seen driving down the road in all varieties. I was thinking of using a vinyl sheeting sticker type material so that they would be weatherproof and durable. Could the laser cut something like this effectively. Is there another material that any of you can recomend or has anybody tried this or something similar. If this is possible does anybody know of a source for this type of vinyl or a material that will work.

I understand their is risks of using vinyl as it releases a poisenous gas, but have read that with a good collection and ventilation there should be no problems.

Any advice would be appreciated.



Kevin Huffman
04-25-2005, 4:30 PM
Hello Chris,
The only risk you take when cutting vinyl with your laser is getting the wrong kind.
There are two kinds, PVC based and Polyester based.
PVC = Toxic, no matter how good your ventilation system or collection system is it still leaves a residue that if touch can soak into your skin.
Polyester = Good. You can cut it all day.

Just make sure when you are looking for vinyl, make sure your salesperson knows the differance between the two and knows which ones are polyester based. If they don't know the difference fire them and get one that does know the difference. LoL

Just as an FYI, Teflon is the other material that is a no no when engraving/cutting. It produces the same chemicals as PVC.

Keith Outten
04-25-2005, 8:06 PM

The product you want is called "Laser Lights", it is 0.004" thick, is adhesive backed, engraves well, cuts well and is suitable for exterior service. Laser Lights come in a variety of dual color combinations, visit Johnsons Plastics web site to order or for details.


Robert Wilson
04-27-2005, 4:09 PM
Keith and Chris,
The web site is actually:

Thanks for the info.

Bob Wilson

Chris Lee
04-27-2005, 5:26 PM

I actually ordered some today so we will see how it works.