View Full Version : Fun on a weeknight

Leigh Costello
11-27-2012, 11:44 PM
What I do for fun on weeknights...I burn sticks and stuff from cutting firewood. What I do that makes me scared silly...burn until after dark. But that's okay because the moon is so bright. Then the coyotes started yipping. Okay so a little uneasy now. But that's okay because the moon is so bright. Then something big is crashing through the woods toward me. But the moon isn't bright enough. NOT okay anymore. Suddenly, a buck is 10 to 15 FEET in front of me - all glorious with his 10 points lit by firelight and snorting and stomping. I freeze, he freezes, I say loudly holy moly and he turns and with a flip of his white tail he heads back into the woods. So I run to my honey who has just gotten home and UPS pulls up and I blather a bit and then go back to the fire to make sure it is contained. And the moon is very bright now so I gather my tools, stash them in the shed, come inside, eat supper, watch tv and decide to go out on the deck to see if there is a glow. Nothing...until the bird feeder rattles, the dogs start barking and there is the buck again - raiding the bird feeder I left down. So I am not going back outside tonight. I have a stalker and he's a deer!

David G Baker
11-28-2012, 1:37 PM
"GREAT". I get a lot of doe and fawn visitors but rarely see a buck.

rogers kevin
12-13-2012, 8:03 AM
Really great…keep it up.

Harold Burrell
12-13-2012, 9:10 AM
Oh, WOW...cool!

I keep a pretty sophisticated camera handy for just those situations. It has a great zoom lens...and a pretty intense flash.

I forget right off who makes it...but the model number is 30-06...

I have gotten some pretty good "stills" with it.