View Full Version : Glad Wrap and Aging

Stephen Tashiro
11-21-2012, 11:10 AM
After Mom died and Dad cooked for himself, I noticed several kitchen chores that he never mastered. One was the plastic Glad Wrap. When I went to use the Glad Wrap myself, I usually found that the center part of the roll was unrolling but there were big ridges of wrap on the ends that weren't. I'd take a knife and cut a shallow notches across the ends of the roll to get these ridges peeled off.

Now that I'm also an old guy, I'm having the same problem. Instead of aging, I'd like to blame it on the Glad Wrap - claim that the ends of the roll are beat up because manufacture has moved to Mexico or China or something. Can I get away with that? Or must I admit that I've lost my touch?

mike holden
11-21-2012, 1:40 PM
No, problems with wraps, foil, plastic or otherwise are not the age indicator. The age indicator is saving shopping bags in the dishwasher. My parents did it, my friends parents did it, it seemed to be one of the final indicators that the end was near.


John C Lawson
11-22-2012, 2:06 AM
My wife's mental age must be older than mine. She saves every shopping bag we get. I "store" them in the garbage or recycle when she's not looking. We have not progressed to the dishwasher. If that ever seems logical to me, it'll be time to move on...