View Full Version : Laserworks V6 dongle

John Stevenson
11-18-2012, 6:51 AM
Well not really a dongle as it doesn't have one.

The motherboard is the dongle on this software on my machine, problem I have is the computer that runs the laser in the shop is in a limited space and runs a 15" monitor.

I'd like to run Laserworks on my office computer which is away from the shop with large monitor so I can do large sheets with loads of small lettering that need different layers / cutting strategy and see what I'm doing better.

I have installed LW6 on the office computer but it won't boot up as it can't see the mother board.

Obvious answer would be to buy a new motherboard but that seems to be an expensive way round it for a legal product.

Could some files be written to a USB stick that makes it think it's seeing the machine ?

John S.

Marius Nel
11-18-2012, 7:52 AM
Hi John,
Are you sure that it is restricted in the way you are describing? Reason being: I run Laserworks 5- and have it loaded on 2 laptops & a desktop machine...to get it to run on these machines I physically had to move and connect the pc/laptops to the laser machine at least once - the Laserworks 5 application must be run only one time whilst it was plugged in.. It was too initialise the software only...thereafter you can run the Laserworks software on the pc/laptops without it being connected/plugged in. Is this a solution that would work with version 6?


Ross Moshinsky
11-18-2012, 10:18 AM

This should help.