View Full Version : Calculated Industries has new apps for Apple and Android....

Bill Huber
10-10-2012, 9:29 PM
Maybe I missed a post about it, if so just delete this one...

I have had Construction Master Pro on my PC for a long time and love it, in fact I use it for just about all my calculations. The problem is I do not have a PC in my little shop, but I do take my Android table out and use it from time to time. I keep it in a drawer so it will not get full of saw dust.

Calculated Industries has Construction Master Pro for both Android and Iphones, works just like the PC version which works just like the handheld (which is $80) and looks great on the table. They want $20 for it but it is sure worth it in all it will do, I just wish I could use half of the stuff it does.