View Full Version : A new Handtool only show this Memorial weekend

Joe McMahon
10-01-2012, 1:58 PM
Handtool manufacturers have got together and are putting on what looks like a GREAT show this Memorial Day weekend. http://handworks.co/ I am very impressed by the venue as well as the theme. It feels as if they want woodworkers to come, not just their wallets.

Tom Scott
10-01-2012, 2:03 PM
This could be a REALLY dangerous show to attend...

Ryan Baker
10-01-2012, 9:00 PM
That looks pretty cool. Could be a really expensive weekend...

Ron Brese
10-02-2012, 9:08 AM
Given the nice venue and the line up of exhibitors (myself being one), could easily be the hand tool event of the year. Door prizes aren't too shabby either. Reminds me, I need to get to work producing mine.


Jim Rimmer
10-02-2012, 1:05 PM
I lived in Iowa for a couple of years. Amana is a great place to visit even if there isn't a show to attend. It was originally a German commune and has been fairly well preserved. There is a furniture factory there (or used to be).

Bob Jones
10-03-2012, 8:27 PM
Who is funding the event?

Ron Brese
10-03-2012, 9:08 PM
The toolmakers are renting the barn and as the website states, donations are accepted to help offset the costs to promote a repeat. Just a bunch of toolmakers getting together.


Bob Jones
10-04-2012, 9:43 AM
Thanks Ron, I guess I missed that part. I hope there is a lot of commerce for the sake of you toolmakers.