View Full Version : Coding for the iPhone?

Phil Thien
09-22-2012, 12:32 AM
Interested in iPhone coding.

I know there is an Apple SDK, but there are other development systems, right? Do any of them stand-out as more popular than others? More capable? The latest and perhaps greatest thing?

Also, how is testing accomplished? If you don't jailbreak your phone, how do you get an app onto the phone for testing purposes?


Greg Cuetara
09-22-2012, 9:00 AM
Phil I can not answer most of your questions but I was in a trial group for a new app and they used testflight so that I could get the app onto my ipod touch. eventually the app was test run and approved by apple and now in the app store.

Todd Burch
09-22-2012, 9:18 AM
I farted around with developing an app a couple years ago. I wrote a couple just for fun. I never published anything to the App store though.

The Apple SDK (called Xcode - comes free with every mac) is used to write apps for the iPhone. I can't think of any reason to not use it - noone else could come close to the integration with iOS as Xcode.

Testing can be done through the simulator that is part of Xcode, or on your phone.

Apple has what is called a provisioning system. As part of your $99/year to be a developer for iPhone (this may have changed since I did it, but probably not), you get to load your app onto your phone or iPad or iPod Touch and share it with (up to 10?) of your friends. Apps are distributed through the App Store.

There are lots of regional groups that get together and support each other with iOS development.


Eric DeSilva
09-23-2012, 10:30 AM
Here's a tutorial I ran across if it is of any help in getting started... http://www.instructables.com/id/Creating-your-first-iOS-app/step6/Have-some-fun-by-adding-things-programmatically/