View Full Version : Gluing Iroko

Jorge Castaņeda
05-02-2003, 9:24 PM
I want to make a wooden coffin smoother, no luck finding a good blank so I want to laminate 3 3/4" pieces of iroko to make the blank.
What glue would be best for this application?

Doug Littlejohn
05-09-2003, 4:03 PM
I'm not real familar with Iroko. Is it areal dense hardwood?? If so, then I would think that poly would be the best. That's the glue I've had the best luck with on real dense hardwoods such as cocobolo, ziricote, bocote, purpleheart, etc.

Jorge Castaņeda
05-09-2003, 4:20 PM
Yes, iroko is very dense and oily, very hard too, your suggestion of poly glue agrees with several others I got at woodcentral.

Doug Littlejohn
05-10-2003, 2:25 AM
Since it is very oily, I would also wipe in down with acetone, MEK or some other solvent. This will help remove the surface oil and give the poly a chance to penetrate.

Jorge Castaņeda
05-10-2003, 8:30 AM
I will do that.