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Peter Stahl
09-09-2012, 2:46 PM
Anyone make lattice panels with the vinyl lattice molding. What do you connect the joints together with? Never used this stuff.

Sam Murdoch
09-09-2012, 2:57 PM
Are you asking about weaving your own lattice panels from strips or how to apply store bought panels to the underside of your porch?
Sorry, it's a bit foggy up here today :rolleyes:.

Peter Stahl
09-09-2012, 3:02 PM
No, store bought vinyl lattice panels then framing them with the vinyl cap & divider moulding.

Sam Murdoch
09-09-2012, 3:31 PM
One way is to set up a fame or support system - a 2 x 4 PT rail top and bottom with vertical supports as needed then merely attaching the lattice to the back frame with stainless nails or screws. Then attaching the vinyl trim caps over the seams with stainless nails or screws, or if you want everything white without painting, use white aluminum trim nails.

If you want to build frame and panels as free standing panels rather than lattice attached to a sub frame. You can rabbet the back or slot the "board" stock to receive the lattice - with rails and stiles as you do with wood. A few well placed stainless nails will hold the lattice in the frame. As for joining the frame parts - the rails and stiles can be half lapped and held together with adhesive caulk or epoxy (among others) or even biscuited or dominoed together with the exterior versions of those connectors. Here is a link for working with PVC which is likely to be the material you will use for making frames :http://www.workbenchmagazine.com/main/pdf/wb297-pvc.pdf

David G Baker
09-09-2012, 5:09 PM
Menard's had them at one time. There were a few different colors available but I don't recall what they were. The joints were made of vinyl molding that had panel thickness groves on each side of it. The edge molding was like standard trim molding but it also had vinyl panel size groves in it, but I think you had to cut your own 45 degrees on each end. I thought of using vinyl to surround my deck base but went with pressure treated 1/4" lattice sheets joined with 2x2" pressure treated wood with slots cut in them and trimmed with the same wood.

Myk Rian
09-10-2012, 7:01 PM
I made slots in the framework, like a picture frame.
Rabbits chew the vinyl panels just like they do wood ones.