View Full Version : Help installing SPIRIT usb and print driver

Chad Fitzgerald
07-30-2012, 9:38 AM
Had some water issues with last storm. trying to install usb and print driver on spare laptop and having all kinds of issues.
Windows xp
GCC laserpro Spirit
Have install disc
Not very smart when it comes to this part of computers. Dumb as a rail actually.
Followede the steps in the manual best i could but seems to have missing parts or something or i just cant read, but the install asks some questions that dont follow the manual.
Any chance someone out there has a step by step to install the usb and print driver for the spirit on windows xp.
I would like to uninstall and try again with a clean slate, i know how to uninstall the print driver, but the usb part of it have no idea. ive tried three times now so i may have that usb driver in three different spots, if i need to uninsatall them can anyone tell me how to do that as well.

any help is appreciated. And of course, as it always works, time sensitive jobs awaiting.
Thanks Chad

Scott Challoner
07-30-2012, 1:30 PM
I'm assuming you got your laser from ISS. Can you call Steve? He should be able to walk you through it. I'm litteraly running out the door as soon as I type this or I'd try to help more. I now have a wireless print server so I don't remember the USB setup off the top of my head.

Chad Fitzgerald
07-30-2012, 4:56 PM
I finally did get a hold of steve(shouldnt say finally, when things go bad with jobs lining up, seems like a couple days is more like 10 years).
He got me walked through it, i had things way screwed up. have a couple glitches but we are working with that now. Thanks for the resonse, appreciate it.
One lesson learned, sometimes its better to relax and wait for helo rather than just figuring ill hit all the buttons and its gotto work.