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Ace Karner
05-01-2003, 8:26 PM
My Dad will be 88 this June and for the past few years he has not been able to do much in the way of woodworking. He has just moved out of the old home place and has given me his old hand tools.

He gave me five planes, one Stanly 220 block plane, several no name smoothers and a Sargent 14 inch jack plane.

This jack plane intrigued me right from the start so in the past few days I've spent some time with it.

I've flattened the sole and sides, cleaned and adjusted the frog, polished and flattened the bottom edge of the chip breaker, flattened the back and scary sharpened the blade, and removed all the old chipping lacquer from the tote and the knob and applied a coat of pure tung oil.

Enclosed is a quick pic, would appreciate any info on this plane that anyone has out there for this newby neader.



Ed Falis
05-01-2003, 8:51 PM
I can't give you any info about the plane, but I gotta say it looks like it's happy to be getting the attention. ;-)

- Ed

Jim DeLaney
05-01-2003, 11:48 PM
Looks like your basic Model 414. Does it have any other info cast into the bed, either in front of, or behind the frog? Maybe something like "VBM" (very best made) or some numbers or patent dates?

The tote and knob, if original, appear to be of the exotic hardwoods (rosewood, Honduran mahogany, etc) used prior to WWII. I can't see the lateral adjuster in the pic, though. Does the frog have an adjustment screw at its rear?

More info might make it easier to further identify...

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Ace Karner
05-02-2003, 6:30 PM
It has no writing other than raised " MADE IN USA" behind the knob.

There is no adjusting screw behind the frog, just two mounting screws.

Thanks for the reply


It does cut some great curly fluffy shavings. :)

Andrew Fairbank
05-03-2003, 5:29 AM
It does cut some great curly fluffy shavings.

Which is what matters at the end of the day.

Great work and the plane looks as though it's happy too, as Ed said.

A google search on "Sargeant plane" may bring up info for you. I'll just burn 2 min and edit if there's anything worth reporting . . . .

Here tis: http://www.thckk.org/sargent.html


Ace Karner
05-03-2003, 8:39 AM
Thanks for the site, I had made a google search and found nothing, went back and I think I must have misspelled the name.