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Bruce Dorworth
07-12-2012, 7:35 PM
I just hooked uo my rotary attachment and engraved some text on an aluminum water bottle. Everything worked great the size of the text was correct and the start of the text and end of the text was where it should be(I think). The issue I had when I hit start the bottle rotated about three revolutions before starting to engrave. Here is how I set it up. I measured the diameter of the bottle, which was 2.75" multiply by Pi and you get 8.65. Now in Corel I made a box 8"x3". I made the text fit the box and then engraved it. I set my laser origin to center. So in my way of thinking the bottle should have rotated 4" one way or the other and then started engraving.

What did I miss?


Still trying to crawl:<)

Mike DeRegnaucourt
07-13-2012, 9:03 AM
Hi Bruce,

Did you make the vertical dimension of the box 8.65" as opposed to 3"? The correct vertical dimension would be the 8.65".