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Roddy Thibault
04-07-2005, 12:25 AM
I would like to find out what types of equipment gives me the better finish
with a water base lacquer. ML Campbell's is what im going to be using. I have a cheap-hvlp automotive gun I use with standard lacquer(that works great) but im not sure about using it for w.b.l . Im looking to do a lot of spraying ( 3 or 4 kitchens) I hate to go out and buy a airless system and get a better finish out of a $50 cheap gun. has any one exprence spraying wbl?

Cecil Arnold
04-07-2005, 12:38 AM
I've sprayed several gallons of Enduro water based laquer using a Fiji HVLP with good results. All the drips and runs are completely my own fault due to bad technique. A friend bought a CH spray rig (less than $200) and is getting simuliar results. IMHO, I would give it a try with your current equipment before spending anything on a new rig.

Dennis Peacock
04-07-2005, 12:54 AM

Lacquer and WB Lacquer are what I term as "thin coatings". Meaning that they are generally thin when you are ready to apply them with spray equipement. I use a cheap HVLP conversion gun from the local BB store and it's branded as a Porter-cable HVLP conversion gun. I have used it with various forms of lacquer, shellac and poly. The thing to remember when spraying WB lacquer is to spray it on light and with multiple coats. Adjust your spray gun on some cardboard to where you get an even coating without runs while moving the gun at the speed and distance from the material that you will do as you spray your project. Once you get that set, then adjust your gun 1/4 turn "thinner" in the amount of finish going to the nozzle when spraying. This will provide you with a nice spray pattern as well as not apply too much finish at one time.

This may be confusing you more than I realize, but I gave it a shot any way! :rolleyes: ;)

Roddy Thibault
04-07-2005, 1:15 AM

so you are saying to put on thinner coats just more of them?
I have sprayed a lot of magnalac&duravar so how would
alcohol lacquer compair to wb laquer? do you have to use more coats?
would you use a small air cap or larger air cap?

Jim Becker
04-07-2005, 2:50 PM
I use a Wagner HVLP conversion gun (http://sawsndust.com/r-wagnerhvlp.htm)($129) to apply these finishes with great success, although I do use a different brand. No matter...they are ALL acrylics in various formulations. (I use Target Coatings USL...burns in just like NC lacquer, but I don't need a space suit to use it safely)