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James & Zelma Litzmann
07-05-2012, 1:59 PM
Can anyone tell me why when I try to use the "What The Font" key under text, it says "This hot key is being used already by this system, please choose another one." I have closed Corel down, tried it again, got the same thing, then shut the computer down and tried it again and still got the same thing. Am I doing something wrong?

Mike Chance in Iowa
07-05-2012, 2:25 PM
I can't duplicate this issue on my XP computer. If you do a google search on "This hot key is being used already by this system" you will find quite a few results and it appears it's only happening on newer computers (i.e. Not on Windows XP.)

Mike Chance in Iowa
07-05-2012, 2:44 PM
Scratch that. I was able to re-create it. It appears to be conflicting with Corel Capture. Once I opened Capture to give it a try, WTF gave me the error you are seeing. As soon as I closed Capture, I was able to use WTF again. I opened Capture again and captured any screen shot and saved it to the clipboard. As soon as I tried to use WTF again, I received the error. Once again, I closed Capture and I was able to use WTF again.

James & Zelma Litzmann
07-05-2012, 8:49 PM
How do you close Capture?

Mike Chance in Iowa
07-05-2012, 9:39 PM
On my XP, if I open the Corel Capture X6 program, there are 3 buttons at the bottom of the window. Help - Capture - Close. Selecting Close did close the program and not just the window. Since I do not have this program loading by default, I can see that application window easily. Yours may have some other settings that are hiding the program window from you. If you have a square yellow icon in your taskbar that may be the capture program. Right-click on it and select Exit and that will close the program.

James & Zelma Litzmann
08-07-2012, 2:43 PM
Still unable to use "What The Font" and I haven't found the "Corel Capture" or whatever program that is supposedly already using the "What The Font" key :(

John Noell
08-07-2012, 3:38 PM
Apparently there are a number of possibilities where programs/utiltities can grab a hot key space and cause this kind of problem. The Google Desktop is one well-known example. It seems that even if you disable the sidebar, Google Desktop still reserves the Winkey+spacebar for itself. I don't know of any utiltity that can see what hot keys are reserved by one app or another (or the OS).

Gary Hair
08-07-2012, 5:59 PM
"This hot key is being used already by this system, please choose another one."

Have you tried another one?

James & Zelma Litzmann
08-08-2012, 8:27 AM
I don't pick the key I just go to "Text" then to the "What the font" and click on it.