View Full Version : IndyFEST Hand Plane Competition Prizes!!!!!!!

John Weber
04-06-2005, 9:31 PM
Ok guys the prizes are in for the IndyFest Hand Plane Competition at Ray Thompsonís gathering April 30th. Iím meeting Ray tomorrow at Frank Miller Lumber to select the material for the contest, so more on that later. But thanks to the generosity of many people and sponsors here are the prizes for the contest, in no particular order:

Popular Woodworking Magazine has donated 15 1-year subscriptions plus they sent 100 copies of the current issue so everyone at IndyFEST could have a copy.

Rob Lee of Lee Valley and Veritas sent a beautiful large shoulder plane, copies of the current large catalog and flyer for those in attendance.

Steve Knight donated a wonderful large heavy purple heart Coffin smoother. This plane feels great in the hand and will be a pleasure to use.

Lie-Nielsen donated an amazing iron low angle block plane a leather pouch. They also send several 2005 calendars that are just beautiful and a stack of catalogs.

Frank Miller Lumber is donated some cherry for the competition. Ray and I will select the wood tomorrow, and what ever is left after the contest will also be up for grabs.

I cannot thank these sponsors enough, the wonderful gifts will add to the excitement of a hopefully very popular event. If you canít make the event, please support these sponsors whenever you can. The woodworking community is truly a close group of people.

Many thanks and see you on April 30th.