View Full Version : Trimming my dwarf Japanese maple

dennis thompson
05-29-2012, 4:40 PM
I have a nice dwarf Japanese maple,about 2-3 feet tall. The limbs hang down ,it looks very nice. Some of the branches are touching the ground. Does anyone know if I should trim the branches so they do not rest on the ground?

David Weaver
05-29-2012, 5:16 PM
Are you having bug or pest problems? We had three of them and I don't think we ever pruned anything, but if I had bug or animal issues with the ends of the branches, I'd be inclined to prune them.

Chris Padilla
05-30-2012, 4:29 PM
If you like how it looks, leave it alone. If you don't like it, prune it into a shape you like. I don't think there are any health risks to the tree either way.

Ted Calver
05-30-2012, 4:52 PM
They should be fine..if you want you could prop them up a little with some forked sticks, but we let ours drag.

Shawn Pixley
05-30-2012, 9:21 PM
I had a japanese maple when I lived in Seattle. About 3' tall and 8' in diameter. Ends of branches touched the grass. They would get a little beat up when I pushed the mower underneath. Nothing seemed to hurt it. I wouldn't worry.

Myk Rian
05-30-2012, 9:41 PM
Do a Google search for pruning it. From what I found, take it easy pruning.

Joe Pelonio
05-30-2012, 9:47 PM
In a cool climate they can take a lot of pruning but it's not really needed in your case. I have many of them including several bonsai and have cut them back to stumps in winter and they pop back in spring. this one I chopped to a 3" tall
trunk a few years ago, all the branches are new since.


Ole Anderson
05-31-2012, 12:10 AM
If you do prune them, be sure to prune back to a branch, don't just shorten a branch mid stem.

dennis thompson
05-31-2012, 6:55 AM
Thanks for all the replies, I think I'll just leave the tree alone