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Rick Potter
05-25-2012, 1:55 PM
Went to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi CA. the other day. It was the final day of the traveling exhibit on 'The Real George Washington'. Fantastic. Mt. Vernon and the History Channel teamed up to put this together. A real 'life mask' of Washington was found, and they used computer modeling to make full size models of him at age 19, middle age, and when he became President. It took about 5-6 years to do this.

Also in the exhibit were his teeth, and a display of how they were made (not wood) of what must have been lead, or pewter with human, and or hippo teeth. Videos on all aspects of his life were there, with displays of many very interesting items. The exhibit took up several rooms. They even had a video on Revolutionary spies.

It is a traveling exhibit, and will be in Tulsa OK. next. Google the above title for info.

I highly recommend it. You will learn many new things about revolutionary times.

The Reagan library was also much more interesting than I expected. We spent all day and didn't finish it. Gotta go back.

Rick Potter

PS: If you are in or near Iowa, the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library is in West Branch. We happened on it during a trip. All I knew about him was that he became President just as the depression started, and was considered a failure. I was amazed to find out he was an orphan, worked his way through school, became a multi-millionaire mining geologist, found gold mines all over the world, trapped by a tiger, fought off native warriors, worked in the federal government for years and never took a dime. Poland considered him a savior as he donated shiploads of food to them.

This guy had an unbelievable life. In his younger days he was Indiana Jones. More on point to Creekers is that he is the guy that gave us 2X4's, #8 screws, and standardized concrete blocks. That's another story.

Michael Weber
05-25-2012, 6:37 PM
Thanks for the Tulsa tip. Two hours away.