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Tony Sade
05-21-2012, 12:24 PM
Honda has reached a new low in the tire department-after 22k on a 2010 all wheel drive CR-V it's replacement time for the original tires. (IIRC, 25k was the previous record, on an earlier CR-V.) FWIW, I'm 60 and I drive like it. Don't get me wrong--I'm a big fan of Hondas, having had 3 CR-Vs, an Accord, and a Civic.

I'd like to find something that helps minimize road noise (something CRVs are known for) while providing good handling in rain and decent handling in the 1-2 snowfalls we average these days in southwestern WV.

I'm tired of the Goodyears I've used for a good while, not to mention the place I get them from.

Any recommendations?


Jeff Monson
05-21-2012, 1:05 PM
Not uncommon for the factory tires on the newer CRV's to be shot at under 30K, I've seen it numerous times. I really like the Cooper CS4 tire for that vehicle.

David Weaver
05-21-2012, 1:11 PM
I'm a fan of the Goodrich touring TAs (I got my last set at sams). They are a little bit harder than the goodyear eagles, but not horribly so and I've watched relatives of mine put over 50k miles on a couple of sets. They are very reasonable, too. so far a year into mine, I like them, we'll see how long they last.

I've never gotten goodyear eagles to wear long, and I'm assuming they're not rated to. The first set I had OEM in 2000 barely lasted 25,000 miles on a volkswagen and they were expensive then. Now they're cheap - strange when something is much cheaper 12 years on after the price of tires in general has gone up. I can't find any merits to them, having had another set on another OEM car. They do grip well on a dry road, I guess.

Mac McQuinn
05-21-2012, 2:05 PM
I'll agree with Jeff, Had a set on my 06 Forester with good luck and my son just put a set of the CS4's on his 2010 Caravan and the noise reduction was pretty impressive.


Not uncommon for the factory tires on the newer CRV's to be shot at under 30K, I've seen it numerous times. I really like the Cooper CS4 tire for that vehicle.

Matt Meiser
05-21-2012, 2:18 PM
I believe that's the tire our local repair shop recommended for my wife's Focus which eats the soft "performance" tires her trim package calls for lunch (even wear--not an issue with the car.) We'll be taking it to them next time instead of the regional chain shop we usually get tires at.

Matt Marsh
05-21-2012, 2:32 PM
Toyo HTs

http://www.tiresdirect.net/TOYO_Open_Country_HT_P235_70R1_P4415C203.cfm?gclid =CKGi2qD0kbACFWQDQAodukWYpw

John Lanciani
05-21-2012, 5:11 PM
Hi Tony,

I've had General Grabber HTS's on my Element for a couple of years and I've been quite satisfied. They have good traction, decent fuel milage, and they're way quieter than the factory Goodyears. They're US made, and less expensive than most of the big names.

Matt Marsh
05-22-2012, 6:14 AM

I've had great experience with Toyo tires, both with the ATs for my GMC Sierra crew cab, and the HTs on the wife's old Rav-4. They have a new model since we bought the HTs called the Versado CUV that they designed specifically for crossovers and small SUVs. According to Toyo's own ratings, they rate higher than the HTs for Quiet ride, comfort, and wet handling (albeit at the cost of a little less tread life). I'll be real tempted to put these on the wife's 2011 CR-V when OEMs need replacing. My own experience with winter driving here in Northern Minnesota has taught me that "snow tire" and "quiet ride" are generally not used in the same sentence.

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Matt Meiser
05-22-2012, 8:33 AM
Toyo is what we've been using on the Focus, but obviously specific models are going to wear differently.

Don Morris
05-22-2012, 9:26 AM
You should be able to go to a good repair shop and look at the Tire Rack site and examine a whole line of brands comparing the pros and cons of each brand as to it's performance (wet surface, ride, longevity, price, etc.). That's what I do and then make my decision on the comparison. Some times it's one brand, the next time it's another. Tire Rack will then send the tires to that shop and they install. Has been the best deal for me and I know I'm getting a good tire with the qualities I want.