View Full Version : Toured a cellular PVC plant.

Larry Edgerton
05-17-2012, 10:41 PM
For some time now I have been involved with this company as a contractor on their advisory board. Last week I went to Pittsburg to pick up my grandaughter and swung into Versatex at the invitation of there CEO to see how it is made. They are located in Aliquippa, Pa. just North of Pittsburg.


The process was simple in its basics, but the precision controls that they have over the process are very cool indeed. The plant was absolutely spotless by any standards. The exothermic reaction of the three compounds reaches a temp of over 400 degrees, and as the never ending sheets slowly roll down the line being massaged into the perfect thickness it cools and is sliced into its finish widths, temp compensated as it is not quite cooled to its final dimension. Any product that does not meet spec is sent directly to a grinder and is recycled back into the process. All of the materials used are recycled, and that includes the packaging. The only thing they are not able to recycle is one type of tape that they use. This large plant has one small dumpster that is emptied once every two weeks, all else being reused. Very efficient and an enjoyable tour.

I started out making replica trim out of AZEK but could get no answers to my questions, in fact I never got a single response to any inquiry, so I found this company. If you are a contractor that does quality work, these people will work with you. Its not often that officers in a company will respond to questions, let alone do research to find the answer to your concerns. This is that kind of company. As a bonus their stock is much more precise. Azek has to be planed up to .12" to have a glueable surface, Versatex, less that .020. I highly recommend them and I am not on the payroll, but do like to see a company with this type of old fashioned service. The product is sold through the better lumber suppliers.