View Full Version : Milling metal for tools

James Carmichael
04-01-2005, 1:35 PM
Well a survey of my garage turned up probably every cirucular/jig/band/reciprorocating saw blade I have ever owned.

I just can't bring myself to throw these things out, so I guess it's time to start turning some of them into shop tools. I've done a small-amount of metal-working in the past, mostly with drill-rod, but I am wondering how you tool-makers go about cutting & milling this stuff into tools. I know it has to be annealed and heat-treated after shaping. Will the basic DIY propane-torch handle this task? I'd like to make some scrapers, marking knives, scratch-stock, spokeshaves & the like.

Also, I've got some old bimetal recip saw blades. I've been very impressed by well long these hold up cutting ferrous metals. Can the cobalt in the teeth be annealed and shaped like carbon steel, or is this stuff just too hard to work with? Seems like it should make a very durable edge, if the cobalt is deep enough and can be milled.