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Dan Stuewe
04-29-2003, 12:08 PM
We're getting a bit of a leak from under a sliding glass door in our house. I think the door is original (23 year old house), but I don't know if the patio tile is too. The basic problem is that there is no threshold and I think that water is getting under the track. It is only an issue when it rains, which isn't too often here in Southern California, but we are going to put new carpet in, and we would like to keep it in good shape.

Anyway, what we were thinking of doing is simply trying to plug the seam between the track and patio tile on the outside and concrete slab on the inside with some caulk. Does this seem like a reasonable solution? We are planning on replacing the door with french doors in a couple of years, so if we'd have to maintain the caulk each year, that wouldn't be too big of a hassle.


Kevin Post
04-29-2003, 2:20 PM
Assuming your diagnosis is correct, it seems to me you have the right idea. It's simple enough to do that you aren't really risking anything by trying it.

I wouldn't just try smearing the caulk on the outside and expect it to do the job. You should try to remove the lower track and place a bead of caulk on the floor. Then, re-install the track. It'll look better too...


Bob Boake
04-29-2003, 2:34 PM
A door is constructed to shed water away from it. The threshold under the door is supposed to be sloped away from the house as is the slab or wood under the threshold.

Did someone build up the patio with tile so that water puddles against the doorway?

Is the wind driving rainwater up under the door jam?

Do you have gutters and are they clean and operating properly?

The best solution is to channel the water away form the doorway.

A high grade silicon exterior caulk will work until it looses adhesion. At that time water will seep under it again. If you are going the caulking route make sure all surfaces are clean. You might try finding a commercial caulking retailer for advice. In Tulsa there is a store called Silicone Specialties Inc that sells a variety of sealers, caulks, tools etc. They sell mainly to commercial builders and offer product lines not available in the big box stores. If you can locate a supplier like that in the phone book they may be able to offer product advice. The guys who work the counter in stores like that are normally very helpfull. good luck.

Steve Clardy
04-29-2003, 2:37 PM
that is supposed to get rid of the water that gets on top of the track. This water should exit outside. If you seal underneath on the outside, it will probably make it worse. Drain water from the top of track would then go inside.
Do as suggested, remove track and reseal on the house side.

Dan Stuewe
04-29-2003, 3:36 PM
Thank you all for the advice.

To clarify/add a bit more...I'm kinda wondering if the tile wasn't put in after the fact which raised the level up to the door. Also, I didn't really specify how much water. We don't get a puddle in the house, but the concrete slab will be wet and the tack strip has water damage (discolored and rust on the tacks). (we trimed the edge of the carpet a few months ago at the begining of some remodel work. we're still working on stuff so the new carpet hasn't been installed yet.)

Thanks again,

Jason Roehl
04-29-2003, 8:16 PM
Two questions:

Do you have pets?

Are you sure it's water?

Dan Stuewe
04-30-2003, 12:34 AM