View Full Version : Mozilla Thunderbird question

Bob Rufener
05-10-2012, 1:35 AM
I have been using Mozilla Tbird as my email software. I recently received an update-or yours truly screwed up-and now, when I forward a message, I get a large amount of information that pops up. These are just the titles and these are followed by information

From: X-Account-Key: X-UIDL: X-Mozilla-Status: X-Mozilla-Status2: X-Mozilla-Keys: Return-Path: Received: Return-Path: X-Authority-Analysis: X-Cloudmark-Score: X-Originating-IP: Received:

This "stuff" takes up about 1/2 a page so I wind up having to delete this before I forward the message. I can't seem to find a way of eliminating this information from popping up.

Does anyone have a solution?

Thanks, in advance, for the help.

Stephen Tashiro
05-10-2012, 2:51 AM
In View->Headers is Normal checked?

Bob Rufener
05-10-2012, 10:50 AM
I looked and all was checked. I changed it to normal and all is well. Thanks for your help.