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Keith Outten
03-31-2012, 10:17 AM
File Attachment Archives Volume 3 - $18.95

Volume 3 covers all twelve months of 2011:
Boat Building 53 files
CNC Machines 403 files
Design Forum 206 files
Engravers Forum 1,870 files
General Woodworking 4,311 files
Metalworking Forum 108 files
Musical Instruments 328 files
Neanderthal Forum 3,325 files
Off-Topic Forum 351 files
Project Finishing 290 files
Sign Design Forum 42 files
Turners Forum 11,749 Files
Woodcarvers Forum 187 Files
Woodworking Projects Forum 2,447 files
Workshops Forum 1,275 files

Grand Total = 26,945 files (approx 2 gigabytes)

Volume 1 - 87,000 file attachments from February 2003 to May 2009. $29.95
Volume 2 - 41,941 file attachments May of 2009 through December 2010. $18.95
Volume 3 - 26,945 file attachments from January to December 2011. $18.95

* You can order Volume 1 and 2 DVD's for $39.95, you will receive over 128,000 files.
* You can order Volume 1, 2 and 3 DVD's for $49.95, you will receive over 155,000 files. If you could view a picture per second it would take over 583 hours to view every picture in our archives.

- Each DVD contains all of our pictures, drawings, PDF files, zip files, Corel Draw files and sketches during the period specified.
- Show your continued support for SawMill Creek by purchasing Archive DVD's and we will upgrade your access account here to Contributor for one full year.
- The file names include the name of the person who owns the picture or attachment. These files are for personal use only, you must receive permission from the owner to use them otherwise.
- Free Shipping anywhere in the continental United States.

You can order via PayPal or send a check.

Our PayPal address is:

Our postal address is:
SawMill Creek Woodworkers Forums
8770 Little England Rd.
Hayes, VA 23072

Please make your check payable to Northwind Associates and include your shipping address.

Note: We do not have a merchants account so we cannot take credit card orders directly.
You can use your credit cards through PayPal to order the DVD's if you prefer.

Keith Outten
03-31-2012, 1:43 PM
Well we lost the top up-loaders title to the Turners for the second year in a row but we are gaining on them.
The good news is that the pictures our Engravers up-loaded last year were just as good as theirs and our projects just as impressive.
I'm also pretty sure that the Engravers up-loaded more drawing files than any other group so there is an added benefit that others here don't share.

I review every picture each year before I create the iso files for burning the DVD's so I have seen every picture uploaded. You guys and gals are an amazing group of very talented people, thank you for sharing your time and talents.