View Full Version : Anyone live in a Pole Barn House?

Kurt Strandberg
03-25-2005, 9:44 PM
The wife and I are thinking of having a pole barn built and make a living area out of about 1/3 and garage/shop out of 2/3, anyone els have a home like this.

I have checked with zoning already and it is allowed in my area, just can't find any plans or info on this type of house.


Ray Thompson
03-25-2005, 10:11 PM
I worked with a guy who did. He built a barn with 16' ceilings and built a second story around 3 sides and made a 3 bedroom apartment. He left the center open for a car lift and hoisting equipment. When in the apartment you have no idea you are in a pole building. My wife's niece lived in the end of one while they built a house onsite. It was a small one bedroom but quite nice. It was returned to barn status after the house was built. There is also a very large pole building near here used as a flea market. It has a hidden 3 bedroom apartment upstairs for the care taker. I was shown it while making a tour of the building while it was vacant a few years ago. Until then no one knew there was an apartment in the building. Just check your local codes.